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In the world, there are changes in technology, people’s demands and hopes are never fulfilled, Mobile Internet has done the work of connecting people in the world today.
Internet technology has reached 4G today by moving forward from simple telephone conversations.
But this development does not stop at any time, and now even the 5G network’s testing of the whole world is also running loudly. It is expected that after the arrival of this network, there will be an increase in internet speed and services.

What is 5G technology!

5G is a technology that is capable of working on wireless technology.
This technology is capable of providing very fast Internet access to its users.
To make this technology work smoothly, wireless equipment is installed at a very short distance, which acts as a network tower.
At the distance of every 100 meters, there is a network transmitter that works to connect the surrounding area.

A single modem tower of 5G can provide a large number of connectivity to the user. To use 5G technology, a new device will be required because the devices currently operating on 4G technology cannot support 5G.
5G technology works from 3 GHz to 300 GHz frequency.

Difference between 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G

When the phone was not invented, at the beginning it was an inconceivable idea that a person sitting in two different places can talk to each other, but as soon as the technology was improved after the invention of the telephone, Gently started talking to each other on the phone and at one point it came that people were able to talk about the entire work of a computer by calling a phone
Over time, when the journey from 1G to 4G went out, it was not known and now the bigger countries of the world are engaged in the preparation of 5G networks.
Now let us know how this different technology works and how they can go ahead.

Evolution In Mobile Technology Cellular Network
Evolution In Cellular Network (Pic: micron.com)

1G Technology
Wireless was the first generation of mobile communication.
This technology was established in the US in the 1980s.
This technology was used to make voice calls with each other, in which only two people could talk to each other and the data was transmitted through an analog signal between the two networks.
A mobile phone had an antenna that was used for the signal.

In this technique, we got the speed network of 2.4 kbps.
This technique did not protect the data and could also interfere with voice calls.

2G Technology
This technology first started using digital signals.
This technology used GSM in this technology, which began in Finland in 1991.
The speed of data in this technique was 64 Kbps.
Through this technique, people used to roam the text from one place to another and could have been calling.

There was an improvement in this technique, in which GPRS technology also developed through which Internet browsing started and email access was done. After this improvement, this technique started to be called 2.5G.

3G Technology

After the introduction of 3G, there was a revolutionary improvement in the telecom industry.

The reach of mobile phones increased to a greater number of people in the world, and in these new phones, people got 3G access.
On the internet, people started downloading multimedia files along with more surfing. Web-based applications may become more useful during this time such as video calling application and any other application.
The speed of the internet in 3G was around 2 Mbps.
With this speed, people could easily transfer audio and video files to each other.

4G Technology

Better internet speed in this generation gave a good experience to the people.
In 2011, this technique was introduced throughout the world.
Consumers got 100 Mbps speed when the internet runs on this technology
Mobile web access became even faster.
High Definition Mobile TV Launched People On Mobile.

5G Technology

The development work of this technology is currently in progress as this technology works entirely on wireless technology.
This technology (wwww) supports the wireless world wide web.
More than 4G of this technology is available for high-speed internet users.
Multi-media technology will be available in HD technology at the same time and this will be 10 times more than Speed ​​4G network i.e. approximately 10 Gbps.

5G Tech Advantages and Future

In the next two years, this technology will be able to acquire all the developed countries of the world, along with this technique can bring a revolutionary change in the internet world.
At present, the internet technology that we are currently using does not get the internet full speed at all.
Such interruptions on the Internet interfere with the many revolutionary changes in technology.
More than half of the technology in our world is dependent on the internet, which we use in business, security, aviation, education, medicine, and many other areas.
Uninterrupted service in these areas can make many things easier. And 5G is a technology that can accomplish this task very well.

The following tasks can be easily done through this technique.

1. In the field of education, we can use digital technology for a good education, Fast Internet is a good tool to accomplish this task.

2. Good doctors today are demanding good medicine in this fast network through which good doctors can sit in any place and operate any operation faster through robots.

3. In the area of ​​traffic, we can control traffic by creating a good traffic system, and we can run Driver Les cars with this high-speed network so that there will be no scope for error and processing will also be fast.

4. In the field of defense, we can use this network to enable the weapon to speed up and operate any weapon for the safety of the country.

5. We can also use 5G technology for the upcoming robotics industry and the drone industry because when such machines do their work, they often require multiple network of ports, from which robots deliver some goods and work in the factories While doing the manufacturing, work with accuracy.

6. Today, many of our houses work well in the past. This tool also works on smart technology now, special features like Google artificial intelligence, and these things used in the home using 5G and It will start operating properly.

7. There is a need to improve in the GPS system just because we are still not very successful in providing information about our location, but with the use of 5G, there will also be some improvements in the Google Map feature as well as features like live video location We can make our journey even easier.

Countries working in the 5G sector

Many countries in the world are engaged in achieving this 5G technology, including countries like China, English, Japan, Korea. Countries like America China are fast moving forward in this direction. While improving its telecom network, China has set up a network of towers equipped with new technology; along with it has also started testing the network. China has always been a major investment in the international market, due to which China’s goal will be to ensure that somehow it is possible to complete the creation of smartphones and computers that support this new technology in the international market as quickly as possible.

When will 5G come in India

Providing 4G experience to the people by Mukesh Ambani in India and providing access to the Internet to a large number of India was a huge success of 4G. That is why it is now expected that 5G can also dominate India soon.

But in 5G technology, the devices which are being used in the telecom sector are not being used to support the new network, so it may take time to upgrade these devices in India, due to which this technology will be available in India by 2021. Will be successful. To make this technology successful in India, new infrastructure will have to be created and companies like Airtel, Geo and Vodafone will also have to work on their star for this technique.

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