7 Awesome tool: to tweak and customize Windows 10

Window 10 Customization

Long ago, PC users who upgraded immediately after the release of Windows 7 probably remember that at the time of its release a number of third-party utilities were available to tweak and customize the operating system.

But these days, rarely do developers launch new applications to tweak and customize the Windows operating system. This may be due to the smartphone, but most users prefer to customize the Windows operating system.

If you don’t want to use a computer that looks like everyone else, then you probably want to spend some time tweaking Windows, so it works the way you want it to. Broadly, tweaks fall into three categories – those that change appearance, those that promote performance, and those that change the way we work.

  • Windows 10 does this – through the Settings and Control Panel – you can have some control over how the operating system looks and works, but if you want to get serious about those things, you have two options are: banging your head in the registry, or using a dedicated tweaking and customization tool.
    Now there are endless applications to help make life easier, so here is a roundup of the best Windows 10 tweaking and customized tools.

These Best Tools to Tweak and Customize Windows 10

1.Customizer God:

Customizer God — which is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10 — should be your go-to tool to change anything about the way icons are in the Windows 10 look.
Customizer God will allow you to easily customize any part of Windows to make your experience so much more personal.

As the name says, this app is like a god when it comes to the customization of Windows 10 icons and using it you can change the settings of almost anything and everything.
It doesn’t matter if you don’t have experience customizing Windows and are afraid of getting messed up in Windows, because Customizer God provides one of the safest and easiest customizable tool tools you can use.

It has new icons for the start menu, taskbar, your drive, battery, login screen, time and date, and more.
Add the Amazon icon to the default boring folders of Windows Explorer.
The app is also easy to use. You don’t need any special knowledge, just install it on your system and start tweaking.

Customizer God
Customizer God (Pic: 7themes.su)

2) WinAero Tweaker:

WinAero Tweaker is probably one of the best free tweaking tools out there for Windows 10. With this free tool, you can change various default settings and also customize Windows 10 to your liking. Tweaker is regularly updated to include new tweaks and customizations.

This software has many features. Here is a small sample that can tell you what you can do in it:
Prevents “- Shortcut” from being automatically added at the end of a new shortcut.
Adds eight custom colors in Settings> Personalization> Color menu.
The scroll bar size can be changed.

Pin to Start can disable the command in the Context menu (how many times have you accidentally clicked it while emptying the recycle bin?).

Add file encryption in the context menu.
Edit the window borders, title bar, and menu size.
Apart from Windows 10, the app is also compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Winaero Tweaker
Winaero Tweaker (Pic: geekermag.com)

3) TweakNow PowerPack:

TweakNow PowerPack is more geared towards customizing the way Windows 10 behaves.

For example, you can set up an automatic shutdown that will shut down your computer at a specific time, customize your system’s RAM usage, and create a special shortcut for a CPU-intensive app that can automate the highest CPU Can assign priority levels and free enough RAM.

The Virtual Desktop module here helps you set up four custom-designed desktop configurations that can match you with your mood and your work requirements.
There is also a menu with over 100 hidden Windows settings, a registry cleaner (which you should use with caution), and a new start-up manager.

Tweak Now Power Pack
Tweak Now Power Pack (Pic: PCchip.hr)

4) 7+ Taskbar Tweaker:

If you want to change the taskbar’s default settings in Windows 10, do not go beyond the 7+ Taskbar Tweaker. The program has recently been updated to support Windows 10 and provides around 30 settings to change the default behavior of the taskbar.

However, Ultimate Windows Tweaker lets you make some changes to the taskbar, if you want more overall level control, try Taskbar Tweaker. It is the best Windows 10 taskbar customization app.

Some of the taskbar customizations offered by Taskbar Tweaker

include: Hide the Start button.

Group the pinned items.

Enable/disable drag for reorder.

Remove the gap between the icons.

Show or hide the desktop button.

Cycle the mouse wheel between the taskbar buttons.

7+ Taskbar Tweaker
7+ Taskbar Tweaker (Pic: P30download.com)

5) Ultimate Windows Tweaker:

Ultimate Windows Tweaker is released by Windows Club and is a complete package. There is no installer package and all you need to do is download, extract and run it with admin access.
The tool is less than 500 KB in size but has over 200 different tweaks.
Always remember to create the System Restore point before you start tweaking. However, this tool has its button, which will give you a reminder for it.

And one thing to always keep in mind that you do not have to apply all tweaks at once. Always apply one tweak, as one tweak may brake the other.
In addition to all of the above, Ultimate Windows Tweaker also acts as a Windows 10 taskbar customization software. For example, it lets you change the battery, date and time, and volume layout, and show or hide Frequent folders and recent files.

If in the future, you want to work on the default Windows 10, use the Restore Default button and reboot your system. If the system stops working by an option, you can also use the system restore option.

Ultimate Window Tweaker
Ultimate Window Tweaker (Pic: TWCN)

6) Folder Marker:

Folder marker is as important about productivity as it is about customization. Quite simply, it allows you to color-code folders with a click of the mouse.

But the options don’t end here – you can also set the folder as high-priority, low-priority, full, important, and private. If you’re working on large projects with lots of shared files and folders, this is a great way to stay on top of your task.

The app can also work with multiple folders simultaneously and can be set up with more sub-categories for additional level control.

Creative Color for Your Windows Folder.
Its paid version includes features such as applying selected icons to all subfolders and adding custom icons.

Folder Maker
Folder Maker (Pic:Techradar)

7) Rocket Dock:

Docking software is a must-have for any Windows power users. This software allows you to add apps and files to a dock that allows you to access them quickly from anywhere.

When it comes to docking software, I am none better than RocketDock with its amazing custom option and interactive dock. You can move the dock anywhere you like (I prefer to the left) and control how items will be displayed inside the dock.

You can configure the opacity of the dock, use different themes, change the size and fonts, change the display style, auto-hide dock, change the font color, and more. The best part is that it has support for dozens of third-party addons to enhance its functionality, such as create multiple docks, add clocks, and add many other Windows functions to the doc.

It’s a transparent bar where you can add shortcuts to your most accessed apps, folders, and files – just drag-and-drop to add them.

Rocket Dock
Rocket Dock (Pic: Youtube)

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