A shocking story of the first computer virus

The First Computer Virus

The computer is a very useful item for us today. Use of computers everywhere makes our work easy. But everything has two aspects, positive and negative.
Just as computer is a very useful item in today’s time, similarly in this technological era there are some negative aspects like a computer virus.

While using the computer, you must also have encountered these computer viruses at some time.
The story of the first computer virus is very interesting. It was invented with some other purpose, but the situation became such that in later times this invention became a problem that took hold of the technical equipment of the whole world.

A solution that became a curse

Actually computer virus came into existence due to two brothers of Pakistan, Amjad Farooq & Basit Farooq. Both these brothers were residents of Lahore.
Both Basit and Amjad brothers were very interested in computer programming. These two brothers did not have any computer of their own, but still, these two brothers went to a cyber café and practiced computer programming for hours.

Finally, after a few days of hard work, both brothers made some computer software while coding and started selling it at cheap prices.

Both brothers thought that now people would buy their software, but after a few days, people stopped buying their software because people started copying that software in floppy and giving them to each other.
In order to prevent the piracy of their software, the solution they discovered later became a problem named virus.

Amjad Farooq & Basit Farooq creator of Brain Virus
Amjad Farooq & Basit Farooq (Pic: Youtube)

“Brain virus” designed to stop software piracy

When the piracy of their software started happening, both brothers had to find some way to avoid this piracy. Together they created a “brain virus” to prevent piracy. This virus was the world’s first computer virus.

“Brain virus” meant a virus that was designed based on the thinking of both brothers. When it became a brain-virus, they started putting it in their software and selling it to the people.

By using this, now their software was saved from piracy because now whenever someone used their virus illegally, the brain virus was loaded on their computer. After the virus was loaded, The Company name, company address, and phone number of those two brothers started appearing on the computer screen, which was impossible to remove without taking the company license.

People used to get the license by calling in the company of both those brothers and giving money and then their computer was fine.

Brain Virus Load on Computer
Brain Virus Load on Computer (Pic: Moneyweek.com)

When Threats calls started due to virus

When the two brothers of Pakistan created the brain virus, it was for the protection of their software, but gradually this brain virus started spreading abroad. People’s computers started hanging due to brain virus, after which there was such a change in this virus that now this virus was not correct even with a license. People started getting disturbed by that virus and this news of brain virus became the headlines in the media.

Basit and Amjad started receiving threatening calls due to the virus making, many calls from abroad. People used to threaten them and called them bad abuse because of making viruses. Both brothers explained to the people that they had not created the virus with any ulterior motive.
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Featured Image: Brain Virus Floppy (Pic: NCSC.Gov.uk)

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