Airborne Aero provide Covid-19 stuff to Taxi Unions at IGI Airport

Airborne Aero service taxi sanitize at T-3

Government of India has given exemption for economic activities in lockdown 4.0. Now it is a practice to start functioning slowly. Recently, the Indian government has approved domestic air traffic. Since 25th, people are traveling all over the country adopting social distancing. The government has arranged sanitization procedures at the airport.

To facilitate the convenience of passengers, large number of taxis are also appearing at Delhi Airport. All the drivers have to take care of the process of sanitization before starting the journey so that passengers do not have any problem. This is a big responsibility for which the taxi union is also seen to be active. Recently, taxi unions have started purchasing COVID-19 Sanitization Equipment from Airborne Aero Services, a private company.

This Delhi Based company provides the necessary equipment at a very low price to all the merchants and these taxicab drivers associated with the airport authority. Taxi drivers have demanded liquid Hand sanitizer, sanitizer fog machine, masks, and gloves to passengers while traveling to the airport for safe travels in their taxies.

Airborne Aero Services Pvt. Ltd. that deal in the aviation industry for spare parts and homeland security products in India and abroad, but during the Coronavirus Pandemic crisis, this company has switched its business to the need. Today this company is selling many Essential products related to Coronavirus on a large scale.

The list of its products is long, in which many other products are available such as Face Mask, Infrared Thermometer, PPE kits, Face Shield, Hand Sanitizers, Disinfection Sprayer, Fog Sanitization machine, Human Sanitization Tunnel, Sanitization Drone.

Mr: Sujay Koul, The director of Airborne Aero Services Pvt.Ltd, says that there was a time when the shortage of products associated with Coronavirus in India was clearly visible in the early weeks. In view of this problem, the company decided to supply Coronavirus-related products as soon as possible for various governmental organizations and the needy.

Web Title: Airborne Aero provide Covid-19 stuff to Taxi Unions at IGI Airport
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