Bipin Rawat becomes first Indian Chief of Defense Staff(CDS)

The current Army General Bipin Rawat will become the first Chief of Defense Staff Officer of the country. The Government of India has announced the name of Bipin Rawat for this post.

Bipin Rawat is retiring from his present post on 31 December. He will hold his second post as Chief of Defense Staff from tomorrow itself. Bipin Rawat will be responsible for giving military advice to the government through this post.

The government announced the creation of the post of Chief of Defense Staff on 24 December this month. The Chief of Defense Staff has been placed under the Department of Defense Ministry, in which Bipin Rawat will serve as the Secretary of the Department of Military Affairs. After taking over this post, he will be a four Star Journal.

The Journal, which holds the post of Chief of Defense Staff, cannot give any command to the three armies of India, but under it, there will be a division and shared command of the three armies.

CDS Journal can directly advise the Defense Minister related to defense matters. The post of CDS was recommended by the Naresh Chandra Committee and Kargil Review Committee after the Kargil War.

Defense affairs experts say that the post of CDS can also be used to use the defense budget properly. Also, this post is also very beneficial for creating synergy between the three armies. The task of the journal commanding the CDS will be to strategize to deal with external threats in future

The CDS will be a member of the Defense Acquisition Council, or DAC, to make proper use of the budgets for the three services.DAC meets all defense needs and makes all deals. The resources available with the three armies can now be shared among themselves and the CDS will also be responsible for the proper use of the infrastructure and equipment held by the three armies.

The departments under the Chief of Defense Staff will be the following.

  • National Defense Academy, the training school of officers of the three armies.
  • Defense Cyber Agency
  • Defense space agency
  • National Defense College
  • Armed Forces Medical Service
  • Armed Forces Engineering Service
  • Soldier Communications Department Signal Officer Incharge
  • Special command division of the three armies common command

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