Virus in Cam scanner, Google removed from play store

If you are using Google’s app Cam scanner to scan your important documents, then there is a news related to it which can definitely trouble you.
Most of the people keep all their important documents in this app. But this app, which has received top rating on google play store, has been removed from google from its play store.
This app was causing malware attack on the smartphone, according to Kaspersky Lab Researchers report, In which malware like Trojan, Dropper, AndroidOS Necro.n were found pre-installed.

Due to which the data of millions of users was being affected. Apart from this, apps were being downloaded in the phone without the permission of the user in this app, after which Google had to take the decision to remove this app. google has issued advisory to remove this app from all users. This app has been removed for the time being, but after some time when it will be completely safe, then this app will be made available again on the Play Store.
To uninstall this app immediately, you have to clear the cache file and data by going inside the storage in your mobile settings. Only then remove the app from your phone.

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