Chhote Amar Chaudhary dies of Salman Khan’s film “Ready”


Mathura, Famous comedian and Bollywood actor Mohit Baghel has passed away at the age of 27. Mohit Baghel was fighting a big disease like cancer at a young age. Mohit Baghel had made his mark on the big and small screen with hard work and dedication. Mohit turned to Bollywood after wearing a flag in a comedy show on the small screen. Mohit also worked with Salman Khan and Asin. He played the strong character of Chhoti Amar Chaudhary in Ready film. There is a wave of mourning among the Brajwasis after the death of Mohit Baghel.

Discussion of lack of treatment in lockdown intensifies

The whole city is saddened by the death of comedian Mohit Baghel, who went out of the small town of Mathura in UP and rocked his talent in Mayanagari Mumbai. There are also discussions in the city about the death of this artist who lost the battle of life at the age of 27, that Mohit could not get the right treatment in the lockdown due to Corona virus. Cancer sufferer Mohit was being treated in a hospital in Noida. But for the last few days, he was at his home in Mathura.

Mohit-Baghel with Salman Khan Pic
Mohit-Baghel with Salman Khan Pic: (Twitter)

Refused to enroll in the hospital

Mohit Baghel’s health started deteriorating suddenly after 10 o’clock this morning. The family immediately reached Nayati Hospital with Mohit. Family members allege that the hospital refused to admit Mohit. After this Mohit’s condition started deteriorating. Family members said that Mohit Baghel’s life could have been saved if treatment was received in the hospital at the right time. Today, his friend and friend, who knows the comedian Mohit in Mathura, is inconsolable. A friend of Mohit said that his life was lost due to lack of treatment.

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