China is Isolating Itself by Spoiling Relations With India

PM modi and xi jinping

Relations between the two countries are tense after the Galwan Valley incident on the India-China border. In the conflict between the two countries on the border, 20 soldiers of the Indian Army were killed and 45 Chinese soldiers were reported killed or injured. This is the first incident after 1965 in which circumstances have become so critical.

The soldiers of India and China patrol the disputed LAC border which is an international border. China has accused the Indian soldiers of wrongly entering the Chinese border which led to the dispute. China said that the area of Galwan belongs to China, from which it will not back down. India has said in its reply that it is a peace-loving country that does not provoke anyone at first but if India’s sovereignty is endangered then India is able to answer it.

Galwan Valley Disputed Area Map between Indo-China Border (Pic:BBC)

Recently, China has tensions between its various neighbors. This attitude of China is coming at a time when the whole world is surrounded by the crisis of Nobel Coronavirus. Recently China has been isolated due to coronavirus all over the world. Many countries are considering China as responsible for coronavirus and questioning the role of China.

According to experts, China is trying to show itself prosperous due to the atmosphere against China. Gradually, China has emerged as an unstable country in the world which changes its policies towards the world from time to time. In this case, China needs a partner who can support China. India is an important country in Asia that can stand with China, but China is weakening its support by spoiling relations with India.

Both India and China are an emerging economy in the Asia region, both countries can play an important role in peace and regional development in Asia together. But currently, after the incident in the border area, there is a possibility of increasing distrust between the two countries.

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