Create a virtual network and share between you and a friend’s PC.

If you want to share your photos, videos, and documents with your friends or any other family members, then you have to send them via email. Easy right? But this is not always easy when the files are very large. Of course, you can share it through social networking sites like Facebook or YouTube, but then it will be visible to everyone that you do not want. You can also share it by sending a link to download through dropbox, whose process is a bit long.

But what will happen when you and your friends have a virtual private network? Then you can send your photos to your friends or they can send you cents. This will be the same as if you and your friend are shared on the computer network. But is it really possible?

Yes, it is possible now and that too for free!


With GigaTribe software installed, you can easily set up a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) free private network with your friends. The only important part of this is that you have to be online to use it.

GigaTribe has some interesting features, such as you can exchange large files with your friends. The files and folders shared here will be visible only to those users whom you have invited. Your friends can browse through your hard drive’s share folder. All exchanges here are powerfully encrypted. If the data was broken during the exchange, it can be restarted automatically without loss of data.

In this, you can create user groups to share different folders with different groups. To increase the download speed, you can download multisource. It can also be used to access your PC from a remote location.

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Installation of GigaTribe:

You can download GigaTribe from here.


Run this setup file and install the software.

After installation, if you are a new user, it will ask you to create a new user.

If you clicked the Yes button, it will take you to the web page to create a new user.

After filling the required information here, log in to the software with this username and password.

Sharing Files Between GigaTribe:

GigaTribe – Share Folder Once you login to this software, you will have to set a folder to share.

For this, click on “Share New Folder” from the Folder tab. Then select the folder you want to share. Select the options you want and click Ok.

In this way you can create many folders to share.

Invite friends or family to access files:

In the GigaTribe main window, click on the green plus icon on the left and then select “Add Contact”.

Fill in the required information here.

But your friends should also have an account in GigaTribe, only then you will be able to share files and folders.

 Download files from a friend:

Double click on your friend’s name. Here a list of shared folders and files will appear.
To start the file download, just double click on it. To download an entire folder and its content, right-click with the mouse and choose Start command reception.

Click the Transfer tab to track the download status.

Once the download is complete, you will find the downloaded files in the GigaTribe download folder located in My Documents.

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