History Of Cricket World Cup

Cricket World Cup History

Cricket is a famous Gentleman game in the whole world which is quite exciting, so in the countries of Asia, this game has become a favorite game where small to large people are interested in it.
Cricket in India has also become an honorable sport.

India has given many big stars like Sunil Gavaskar, Kapil Dev, Sachin Tendulkar, M.S.Dhoni, Virat Kohli, Rahu Dravid, Yuvraj Singh, Zaheer Khan, Anil Kumble, R.C Ashvin, etc who have illuminated the name of India in the world with his performance.

Right now, Cricket World Cup is going on in England, in which all teams of the world are participating. All the teams have reached the World Cup title on their historic land associated with England’s cricket history.
So let’s take a look at what kind of team has contributed so far in the history of Cricket World Cup.

Beginning of Cricket

Cricket started in England about 500 years ago when it was played with a hockey stick In those days the game was only prevalent in England but gradually countries like Australia and Africa joined the game, and after some time the West Indies, India, and Pakistan also started playing cricket.

Starting with a stick like a hockey, the game improved in some way and its rules became law-prepared. From the pitch to the size of the bat and to the size of the ball, the game improved and this game got its fame.
Initially, this game was a game of 3 to 5 days. After the long-term cricket, sort formats like One Day and T20 have become popular nowadays. But in the case of classic cricket, at that time the game was played for a very long time, hardly any other game of this long period.

History Of Cricket Bat
History Of Cricket Bat (Pic: Wikipedia.com)

Cricket World Cup begins!

When the format of the cricket became smaller, then all the countries played with each other like bilateral series and triangular matches, but adventures in cricket came when the Cricket World Cup was started in one-day matches and together a lot of teams took part in it.
The first Cricket World Cup was played in 1975, in which the West Indies team won its first World Cup.

History of the World Cup victory Which team won!

1975 – West Indies win first World Cup

In the history of cricket, the West Indies won its first World Cup in 1975. World Cup finals (June 21, 1975) were played at the Lord’s ground in Australia against Australia, where West Indies set a target of 291 in 60 over’s. In response to this target, Australia could score 274 runs on 10 wickets, and West Indies won the final match.
West Indies captain Clive Lloyd scored a century and scored 102 runs off 85 balls.

World Cup Trophy 1975 (Pic: amazonaws.com)

23rd June 1979- West Indies won world cup again

After winning the World Cup in 1975, the West Indies again won the World Cup.
To win the World Cup, England, Pakistan, New Zealand, and West Indies reached the semi-finals. This time in front of the West Indies was the England team. At that time, the West Indies team was considered one of the most dangerous team because they won all their four matches played in the World Cup. In the final match, England won the toss and decided to bowl first. The West Indies team went to the ground and batted first and lost 9 wickets for 286 runs in 60 overs to give England the target.

In the captaincy of Mike Briefly, the West Indies won the match by 92 runs as England’s team lost 10 wickets for 194 runs.

Legendary batsman Sir Viv Richards played 138 runs off 157 balls from West Indies, and another batsman Colis King also played 86 runs in 66 balls. England’s team could not make good batting in this match because lower-order batsmen did not score anything except the top-order batsmen.

World Cup Trophy 1979 (Pic: amazonaws.com)

25 June 1983 – When India won the first World Cup

India surprised the whole world, winning the World Cup for the first time in the captaincy of Kapil Dev.

In the World Cup, India played 9 matches, from which India won 7 matches. India defeated West Indies and Zimbabwe twice in this tournament. India defeated the dangerous team like the West Indies, who won the last two World Cup titles, in the final.

The match played between India and the West Indies was very exciting because there were very few runs in this match. This match was a match of bowlers. India scored 183 runs losing 10 wickets in this match and West Indies lost 10 wickets in reply to 140 runs in which India won by 43 runs. In this match the Indian bowlers performed well and Madan Lal, Mohinder Amarnath got a 3-3 wicket, Balwinder Sandhu got two wickets and Kapil Dev got one wicket.

Kapil Dev Taking World Cup Trophy Of 1983 World cup
Kapil Dev Taking World Cup Trophy Of 1983 World cup (Pic: amazonaws.com)

1987 – Australia won the first World Cup

Australia today is always considered to be a strong contender for the World Cup as most of the World Cup Australians have won. But in this World Cup held in India and Pakistan, Australia defeated England and won the World Cup. In this match played at Eden Gardens in Kolkata, Australia decided to bat first after winning the toss. In the captaincy of Allan Border, losing 5 wickets in 50 overs Australia makes 253 runs. In reply, England’s team could make only 246 runs by losing 8 wickets, David Boon won the man of the match in this match. He hit 75 off 125 balls in his 125 balls.

Australia cricket Team with World Cup 1987
Australia cricket Team with World Cup 1987 (Pic: scoreline.org)

March 25, 1992 – Pakistan wins first World Cup

In this World Cup held in Australia and New Zealand, In Australia’s Melbourne Cricket Ground India’s neighboring country, Pakistan, also won its first title in the World Cup and it was revealed that Pakistan can also win the World Cup. Pakistan scored 249 runs for 6 wickets in the captaincy of Imran Khan. England’s makes 227 runs for losing 10 wickets in reply. Pakistan won the match by 22 runs.

Pakistan captain Imran Khan scored 72 runs in 110 balls in this match, and Pakistan won this win thanks to the good bowling of Wasim Akram, Aakib Javed Mushtaq Ahmed, and Imran Khan.

Pakistan Captain Imran Khan After winning world cup 1992
Pakistan Captain Imran Khan After winning world cup 1992 (Pic: cdn.espn.com)

1996 – Sri Lanka win this World Cup

In this World Cup held jointly in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka won, with this win Sri Lanka became the third country to win in the World Cup. In the captaincy of Arjuna Ranatunga, the final match was to be held with Australia in which Sri Lanka won the first toss and decided to bowl. Everyone felt that Australia would win this match, but due to the crucial century of Arvinda de Silva, Sri Lanka achieved the target of 241 runs by scoring 245 runs at 3 for 3.

Arvinda de Silva played a very important role in this match because he scored 107 runs in 124 balls. He also did well in bowling and also took 3/42 in 9 overs. At the other end, Australia captain Mark Taylor, playing his 74th innings, supported his team but could not convert it into victory. Ricky Ponting was also part of that team who scored 45 runs in second place.

Sri Lanka team after winning 1996 world cup
Sri Lanka team after winning 1996 world cup (Pic: thepapare.com)

1999- Australia won the World Cup

In the World Cup held in England, Australia won the World Cup title. In the World Cup final which was played at the Lord’s ground in London, Australia faced Pakistan’s team, which once won the World Cup. And Australia also had once won in the World Cup, both teams wanted to win the World Cup second time. In the match played on June 20, 1999, Pakistan won the toss and decided to bat first. After that Pakistan made 132 runs by losing 10 wickets in the captaincy of Wasim Akram, the score made by Pakistan was very low for Australia, which Australia won easily by losing 2 wickets in 20 over’s.
And thus in the captaincy of Steve Waugh, Australia took the World Cup from Pakistan.

2003 – Australia win this  World Cup in Rickey Ponting Captaincy

After defeating Pakistan in the World Cup in 1999, Australia continued to win the World Cup in 2003 and defeated India in the final. In the match played at the Wanderers Ground of Johannesburg in South Africa on March 23, 2003, India captain Sourav Ganguly won the toss and decided to bowl first and this decision proved wrong for the Indian team. After that In Captaincy of Rickey Ponting, Australia’s team made 359 runs by losing 2 wickets in 50 overs. The target was very difficult to chase for India team. Australian Captain Ricky Ponting played 144 runs off 121 balls, in which he scored 8 sixes and 4 fours in this big score and on the other hand, Damien Martyn scored 88 runs with Ricky Ponting. Chasing a big score, the Indian team scored 234 runs by losing 10 wickets in 39 over’s in which only batsman Virender Sehwag batted well and scored 82 runs.

Australia team after winning World cup 2003
Australia team after winning World cup 2003 (Pic: cricket.com.au)

2007 – Australia win World Cup for the third time

In this World Cup held on the West Indies, Australia won the World Cup for the third consecutive time and showed the world that if one day International cricket is a king then it is only Australia. Australia’s team got so strong that the opposition team of any country took the Australian team as the biggest challenge. The 2007 World Cup final match was played on April 28, 2007, in the Kensington Oval grounds of Bridgetown, Barbados. The team in front of the Australia team in this match was Sri Lanka’s team. After the toss, Australian captain Ricky Ponting chose the decision to bat. Australia scored 281 runs after losing 4 wickets in 38 over’s. Australia’s keeper Adam Gilchrist scored the highest 149 in 104 balls, in which he scored 13 fours and 8 sixes. To Chasing Australia target, In the captaincy of Mahela Jayawardene,  the Sri Lankan team could score 215 runs by losing 8 wickets in 36 over’s. And lost the World Cup by Australia.

 Australia team after winning World cup 2007
Australia team after winning World cup 2007 (Pic:amazonaws.com)

2011 – India gifted World Cup victory to Sachin

The 2011 World Cup was held jointly in India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. In this World Cup held in Asia, the countries of Asia had a good chance to win in this World Cup, but India took the opportunity to name it and won the 2011 World Cup and gave Tendulkar a beautiful gift of victory. The final match of this World Cup was played between Sri Lanka and India at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai on April 2, 2011.

In the captaincy of Kumar Sangakkara, Sri Lanka decided to bat first after winning the toss, Sri Lanka batted first and set a target of 274 runs for 6 wickets in 50 overs.

Given the World Cup finals, it was difficult to chase this score in the second innings. But In Mahendra Singh Dhoni Captaincy Indian team chased Sri Lanka’s scores by losing 4 wickets in 48.2 overs. Mahendra Singh Dhoni played the helicopter shot in the last. No one can forget this six of victory. In the Sri Lanka team, Mahela Jayawardene made good batting and scored 103 runs in 88 balls but the Indian team did well in reply, and the good batting of Gautam Gambhir and Mahendra Singh’s 91- 91 runs gave India the title of World Cup.

Indian Cricket team After winning 2011 world cup
Indian Cricket team After winning 2011 world cup (Pic: twitter.com)

2015 – World Cup – Two strong teams Collision

The 2015 World Cup was held in New Zealand and Australia in the World Cup, Australia, and New Zealand were considered to be a strong contender since the beginning, and it is also something similar that both teams come face-to-face in the final of the World Cup. The final match between the two teams was played on Australia’s Melbourne Cricket ground on March 29, 2015, in which Australia won by 7 wickets. In the match, New Zealand’s batting performance was very good in the previous matches and Brendon McCullum decided batted first and scored 183 runs by losing 10 wickets in  45 over’s. Newzealand Sets this target for Australia. Suddenly this match became a low scoring match. The victory for Australia was easy, and Australia’s chase Newzealand score in Michael Clarke’s captaincy. Australia scored 186 Runs by losing 3 wickets in 33 over’s.
Grant Elliott scored 83 runs from New Zealand, while Michael Clarke scored 74 runs from the Australian team and Steve Smith played 56 runs. This match was a complete match of the bowlers with New Zealand’s Matt Henry 2 wickets and Trent Bolt took 1 wicket.
Mitchell Johnson and James Faulkner took 3-3 wickets from Australia and Mitchell Starc take two wickets. After Australia’s victory in this World Cup overall Australia won 4 times the World Cup.

Australia Cricket Team After winning 2015 world cup
Australia Cricket Team After winning 2015 world cup (Pic: todaynews.news)

Who will become the King of the 2019 World Cup?

This time the World Cup is being held in England. All teams in England want to get World Cup trophy. There are several teams that have not yet captured the title of World Cup. These teams include England, South Africa, Bangladesh team. This team also wants to win this World Cup once again. Along with this, many big teams are the strong contenders of the World Cup this time too. The condition of England is totally challenging. Because the flat pitch of England is challenging for the batsmen in this summer season. In order to win the match, the speakers will have to perform well.

2019 Cricket World Cup Teams Flag
2019 Cricket World Cup Teams Flag (Pic: trickytruths.com)

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