Different Types of drones and their Functionality

Different Types of drones and their Functionality

Drones are used for different tasks. They are designed according to their function. Let’s see what types of drones are there?

Types of drones based on size

1. Very Small Drone

These drones are so small that they are not easily visible to anyone. It is small as an insect and has only a few centimeters in length and width. They are designed to fit in a small space.
Such drones are used by spies. Detectives use it to track people and valuables.

Very small drone- different types of drone
Very Small Drones (Pic: Pinterest.com)

2. Small Drone

They are also smaller in size but larger than nano drones. It can be easily picked by hand. It is thrown into the air and starts flying on its own. Their length is not more than 2 meters.

Small Drone-Different Types of drone
A Small Drone (Pic: Futura-science.com)

3. Medium drone

These drones are much larger than the drones mentioned above and weigh about 200 kg. This drone needs 2 people while flying, after which it flies itself in the air.

A medium Drone- Different types of Drone
A medium Drone (Pic: Bukalapak.com)

4. Large drones

These are the largest drones in size. And they are used by the army. The army puts cameras of good quality on them so that they can take clear pictures even from higher altitudes. It is also used to keep an eye on enemies during wartime.

Large Drone-Different types of drone
Large Drone (Pic: hotrcmodels.com)

Drones based on aerial platforms

There are 4 types of drones based on aerial platforms. Come, let us know about these four drones in full depth.

1. Multi-rotor drone

Multi-rotor drones are such drones that can remain stationary for long periods of time in the air. They are designed in such a way that they can keep themselves stable in the air.

Such drones are used for photography and aerial surveillance. They are used by people professionally and for free.

Multi-rotor drones are categorized based on their rotors. Such as Tricopter with 3 rotors, Quadcopter with 4 rotors, Hexacopter with 6 rotors and Octacopter with 8 rotors. But most of these quadcopters are used and it is loved by all.

Multi roter Drone- Different Types of drone
Multi Roter Drone (Pic: Uavshop.ru)

2. Fixed-wing

This drone is designed similar to an airplane. Fixed-wing drones cannot maintain their stability in the air like multi-rotor drones. He is always on his way as long as he has power.

These fixed-wing drones can fly for a few hours according to their power. Gas engine-powered drones can only fly for 16 hours.

Fixed-Wing Drone- Different Types of drone
Fixed-wing Drone (Pic: Hovpod.com)

3. Single rotor

The single rotor drone looks very similar to a helicopter. Its design looks exactly like a helicopter. It has the advantage of Multi-rotor drone only. But the single rotor drone is large in size and has a rotor on its tail to control it.

Such drones are much better than multi-rotors. It can fly on a straight track and has more flying power than multi-rotor drones. And it can remain stable in the air for a long time.

Single-Roter Drone- Different Types of drone
Single-Roter Drone (Pic: Higheye.com)

Drone-based on capacity

1. Quadcopter Drone

Designed with a 4 rotor and is the most common drone on the market. This drone is most commonly used for recreational purposes. But some people also use it for professional and official purposes.

Quadcopter-Different types of Drones
Quadcopter (Pic: Pixels.com)

2. GPS Drone

They are also called smart drones. Such drones are connected to the satellite by GPS and this helps them to travel. Such drones can easily move from one place to another and if they ever get out of control, they themselves return with the help of GPS.

GPS Drone- Different Types of Drone
GPS Drone (Pic: fingerhut.com)

3. RTF Drone

RTF drones are plug n play type drones. When you buy this drone, it is ready to fly.

RTF Drones-Different Types of Drone)
RTF Drones (Pic: Horizonhobby)

4. Trick Drone

This drone is small in size but its specialty is that it is fast and moving. This drone is used as a toy and it can perform attractive and entertaining tricks in barrel rolls, flips, and air. They are made lighter for the purpose of doing tricks.

Trick Drones- Different Types of Drone.
Trick Drones (Pic: Youtube)

5. Delivery Drone

The delivery drone itself is known by the name that it is used for the delivery of the same. It has a basket at the bottom, on which the package is attached and sent to another address.

Delivery Drone- Different types of drones
Delivery drones (Pic: Flipboard.com)

6. Photography drone

This type of drone has a camera through which photos are captured and videos are also made. In this, good quality cameras are installed so that photos can be taken at high altitude. This camera is designed in such a way that it is not affected by the weather.

Photograpgy Drone-Different Types of drones
Photography Drone (Pic: Fstoppers.com)

7. Racing Drone

The speed of this drone reaches 60 mph. They are used in competitions and championships.

Racing Drones-Different Types of Drone
Racing Drones (Pic: Twitter.com)

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