Egyptian government wants to stop auction of an ancient statue.

The Egyptian government has appealed to stop an auction of an ancient Egyptian statue. Egypt has made this appeal to UNESCO, the World Heritage Site. This ancient Egyptian statue is going to be auctioned on July 4 in a Christie auction house in London. Egypt wants to put a stop on this auction because he fears that if this happens then this ancient heritage may be stolen.

This statute being auctioned in London is a famous person Tutankhamen in the history of Egypt. This statue of Tutankhamen is 11 inches. The value of this statue has been around Rs 31 crores.

According to a report from CNN, the Egyptian embassy in London has appealed to return the statue, along with the demand for not being auctioned by other archaeological things which are related to Egyptian culture. is.
Egypt says that he does not want to be an auctioneer of his ancient ethnic cultural things, and it may be stolen or disappeared somewhere later.

On the other hand, Kristi Auction House has expressed concern over the ancient idol’s theft but has also said that he has documents related to the purchase and sale of this idol.

Christie Auction House reported that she had purchased this statue from a Munich dealer, Heinz Herzer in 1985 and before that, the statue owner was with Joseph Messina and Prinz Wilhelm von Thorn.
In England, this statue is collected by Resendro Collection which collects Egyptian art and archaeological things.

Tutankhamen Statue
Tutankhamen Statue (

The most mysterious pharaoh of Egypt was Tutankhamen

The history of Egypt is very old because it starts around 7000 BC around 9000 years ago.
People started settling along the Nile River and gradually there started a social life.
But Tutankhamen belongs to the 18th dynasty of Tutmosid dynasty.
Tutankhamen became king of Egypt at the age of 9 years.
After becoming king, he ruled from 1332 to 1323 BC. He had married his half-sister, after which both of his children died in the womb.

Tutankhamen went against his father Akhenaten and changed many of his rules. In the dynasty of his father, the worship of the sun was given the highest importance, against which Tutankhamen put more emphasis on worshiping the moon. Tantakkhaman got the most famous after his death, more than his life. and gradually there started a social life.

The tomb of Tutankhamen was discovered by a UK-based archaeologist Howard Carter in the sandy land of Egypt, “Valley of Kings”.
He completed this search in November 1922. In this quest, they discovered the basement of Tutankhamen.
The name of this tomb was KV 62.
Later, there were many graves in the vicinity of this area where many other Egyptian kings were buried.
Egyptians believed in life after death, due to which they buried many precious things with the dead person.

Kings in Egypt’s civilization had been to bury his preserved (Mmify).
When the body of Tutankhamen was discovered, he got “Mami” made.
His coffin was very spectacular and on that coffin, a beautiful figure of gold was made.
The Tomb of Tutankhamen was full of very magnificent ornaments, but it was also tried to steal it.

About 5000 other objects were found around the tomb of this, after which there is considerable information about this major ruler of Egypt.

How Tutankhamen died!

To find out the death of Titanakman, scientists resorted to several techniques in which he also performed X-rays of the body but could not find any specific information.
It is believed that there are many reasons for his death which is as follows

  1. It is believed that his death was due to malaria as no treatment was possible at that time due to which he died at such a young age.
  2. Kohler Disease – In this disease, there is a disease in the bone that causes the body to dry.
  3. The third reason is said to be that after falling down from a high place, he dies after tetanus disease.
  4. Fourth reason scientists have said that their death was caused by a biological (genetic infection) disease.
  5. The last reason is also stated that behind his death, there was a mutual discord in the Egyptian dynasty, which led to his murder.

Strange mysteries of the Tomb of Tutankhamen

When the tomb of Tutankhamen was discovered, it suddenly spread all over the world. Tutankhamen’s tomb was more mysterious than his death.
Because, as many researchers who had opened this grave at the beginning, some wrong incidents happened with them and some of them even killed, after which it was considered a curse of Tutankhamen.
It was clearly written on the tomb of Tutankhamen that anyone who wakes up this famous king from sleep will die.

In this way, the complete history of Tutankhamen is full of secrets, it can not be said about how much truth is in his grave being cursed.

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