Eminem mentions Manchester Arena attack in his new song “Unaccommodating”

Eminem New song Unaccommodating

Eminem is called Rap God. People feel the speed of their songs in rapping. Eminem is famous because of his rap as he is in many discussions due to his controversies.

In 2003, the US Secret Service accused Eminem that Eminem had threatened President George W. Bush because of a song from his album. The US Secret Service made this allegation because of one of his unreleased songs “We As Americans”. In this song, Eminem rapped, “F ** k money, I don’t rap for dead presidents.” I’d rather see the president dead, it’s never been said but I set precedents “.

Music fans love rappers when they release a new album and especially when they have their favorite artist. But a new rap from Eminem has once again created a new controversy. On social media, users are constantly trolling on Eminem. as social media users chastised the Eminem and labeled his new album “trash” for referring to the Manchester Arena terrorist attack.

In his new song titled “Unaccommodating”, Eminem sang the lyrics of the song, signaling the Manchester terrorist attack, “But I’m contemplating yelling ‘Bombs away’ on the game. Like I’m outside of an Ariana Grande concert waiting “.

His attitude has been described by many on social media as disrespectful towards the victims of the Manchester terror attack.

A Twitter user named Sophia expressed displeasure that Eminem really said in his new song “unaccommodating” the lyrics “bombs away like I’m at an Ariana Grande concert” and proceeded after with gunshots/explosions mocking manchester .. I am disgusted how did he or his team think this was okay? he’s trash.

A Twitter profile named LOVER FEST MANILA tweeted that Eminem has the audacity to put out his song with reference to Ariana Grande’s Manchester concert, with bomb sounds? @Eminem people died. Ariana’s been depressed because of it. You call it art? No. It’s one hell of trash and disrespect for the victims’ families. Disgusting.

A Twitter user suggested to delete songs from Eminem and said what about the 8-year-old child who never made it to double digits? saffie and all 21 other victims do not deserve this. delete this song from all platforms. you are so insensitive and pathetic. what a piece of trash. no wonder your career fell.

Similarly, many users have expressed their displeasure for Unaccommodating the new song of Eminem’s album.

Web Title: Eminem mentions Manchester Arena attack in his new song “Unaccommodating”
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