May 16, 2021

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22 Rule To Be Productive in Your Study

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How to be productive in a study is a very typical query that every student wants to know? Most of the students want to study but they are unable to focus on their studies. Students follow the wrong routine and there is no productive study. This type of study is useless, it spoils our academic record. Students must take care of productivity in their studies. This habit can be easily improved if the student makes some changes in his daily routine. Our daily activity has an impact on our study. Today we will tell 22 tips, which will make your study productive.

22 Tips For Productive Study

1. Wake Up Early Morning for Productive Study

Students should always wake up early in the morning. Waking up late does not fresh your brain quickly. All work is delayed by getting up late in the morning. On getting up early, your brain is able to take correct decisions about daily activities, which is the first approach for a productive study.

2. Exercise Important For Study

Students should exercise daily. Exercise helps in our study. A student needs energy to study. While studying, the student studies in the same position continuously. Therefore, it is very important for the body to be active. The student should regularly do 15-20 minutes of workouts daily. With proper health, the brain of the student is also healthy.

3. Keep Away From Mobile To Improve Study

The mobile phone has become a villain in the education of students. If you always stick with mobile then it can waste 6-8 hours in your day. The student should not be addicted to mobile. You should avoid using social media on mobile. After wake up in the morning, avoid wasting much time on mobile and keep the data of mobile disable. Nowadays, many such features come in mobile by which you can detect wasted time by tracking daily mobile usage.

4. Newspaper Reading Helpful For Study

Students should make a habit of reading Newspapers in the morning. By reading the newspaper, you will get information about the news around you. You can learn new words daily. Daily social issues news will increase your social knowledge and your brain. If you are not used to reading newspapers, then initially read such pages that you are interested in such as cricket and entertainment.

5. Make Schedule For Your Study

Everyone has 24 hours in a day, out of which we have about 8-10 hours left in the day. If students waste their remaining time by doing wasteful work, then the time for reading is gone. Students should make a proper schedule for their studies. Students should distribute their work by making a list of all their important works. The schedule should be prepared in such a way that is suitable for your daily routine. In addition to your work like bathing and eating, your reading schedule should be included in your list.

6. Prepare Syllabus For Better Study Planning

If students want a good result in their studies then they should know their syllabus. Without knowledge of the syllabus, you cannot read well. You should read the syllabus of all subjects carefully. After doing this you will be able to make a strategy for the upcoming paper. You can also estimate how soon all the subjects will be covered. According to syllabus, you can give more time to difficult topics in your timetable.

7. Make A Perfect Study Environment

To study, a student has to concentrate a lot on it. If you have frequent distractions then you will not be able to study properly. You should make a place to study there is no distraction from the surrounding things. If you use a room in the house, then you should study in the closed room, and if this is not possible then explain about the distraction to your family so that they can help you in creating an atmosphere of study. Learn basic concepts in a relaxed environment.

8. Keep Notes Of Your Study  

Students must make notes related to their studies. While studying, we think that we will remember what we read. But this does not happen and we quickly forget our reading. If we keep making notes along with studies, then there is no need to read the whole chapter again. The student gets all the important concepts in the written note.

9. Clear All Your Basic Study Concept

While studying the students should clear the basic concept of all their subjects. The student should never read subjects from the middle. Rote Memorization can also be harmful to your productivity, so whatever subject you read, go on covering the basic concept of the given chapters. Once you understand the basic concept, then you will understand all the topics easily and you will not have to apply any Rote Memorization.

10. Be Confident Is Good Tool In Your Study

If students want productivity in their studies, then they should always be confident. Never consider yourself weak in studies. Avoid negative thinking. All students have the same mind. So if you study carefully then you can understand any topic. Keep trying continuously until you are a confidant. Focus hard while studying. When you start understanding the Topic, your self-confidence will also increase. This is very important for our good results.

11. Solve Previous Papers

A brilliant student is one who prepares for the exam with a complete strategy. If you are really serious about your studies, then you should solve the sample papers of the last few years. Most exams have some repeat questions from the previous year. By solving the previous papers, you will be able to write the answer to any question in the exam. Solving old paper is a better idea of revision.

12. Listen Concentration Music While Study

Students sometimes get disturbed while study. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to concentrate on studies. If you also cannot concentrate, then you should try concentration music while your study. If you make good use of technology, then you will find many Concentrate music on YouTube, by listening to which you can focus on your studies. Instead of YouTube, there are many mobile apps on Play Store like Study Music Memory Booster, Binaural Beats, and Study Aide, in which you will find a variety of concentration music for study.

13. Avoid Multitasking in Study

Students should never become multitasking in their study routine. Always choose the subject of study only Schedule wise. Do not read two different subjects at the same time. Make a different schedule for all the subjects. Do not waste your time on mobile operating or other work. If you are not used to handling multitasking, then you will not be able to focus on one thing properly. It is better for the student not to do multitasking.

14. Use Technology For Study

Students should use technology in their studies. Technical device mobile is considered a disturbing object while study if you misuse it. If you really want technology help in study, then you have to use the mobile properly. You can search for content related to your studies using mobile internet. There is a repository of information on the internet, you can take the help of the internet to clear any doubt. You can watch tutorial videos on various topics through YouTube. Students can connect with teachers on online social media. You can enroll yourself in many types of online courses. This is a good use of technology that will benefit your study.

15. Keep Break In Your Study

Students should take care of their health while studying. No student can study continuously. If you want productivity then you should take a break in study. By taking a break, the student’s mind gets to relax, so that he can study again. During the break, students can walk or eat some light food.

16. Spend More Time In Library

Students need resources to study. To use these resources, students take help of internet. A library is a good option for students study material resources. Students should spend their time in the library. The library has a favorable condition where studies can be done. Many years of editions are easily available inside the library. Sometimes such books are found in the library whose information is not present on the internet.

17. Proper Sleeping Need For Proper Study

The student should take complete sleep to study well. Studying is a very hard work in which your body is involved along with your brain. If you adopt the wrong routine, then your balance may get upset. 8-10 hours of sleep is very important for the student. Sleeping properly increases memory power and keeps the mind fresh.

18. Food For Healthy Brain

To increase productivity in studies, students can consume good food. Students can drink coffee, the caffeine present in coffee can alert and sharpen your brain, eat fish, fish has the required amount of fat which is considered beneficial for the brain. Students should eat nuts daily, it helps in blood circulation, which is considered good for your heart and brain. Include vitamin C fruits.

19. Don’t Smoking & Drinking

Students should avoid drinking and smoking. Due to excessive consumption, you will not be able to concentrate on your studies. Cigarette nicotine weakens the sharpness of your brain and also affects your mind’s ability to remember. This Habit can impair the routine of the student to some extent and has a bad effect on studies.

20. Take Part In Education Activity

Students can participate in many educational activities around them. Everyday information about educational events comes on the Internet. Educational events are also organized by the school and institution. Many types of artistic events, scientific activity, and quiz competitions are organized in educational events. Students should participate in such events. Students’ learning experience becomes even better by participating in educational events.

21. List Your Doubt For Teacher

Students should ask their difficult doubt from the teachers. Students should make a list related to their doubts so that they do not forget them. If you do your studies well then you definitely have new doubts. Students, do not be afraid to ask doubt from teachers. This will strengthen your basic concept.

22. Discuss Your Parents About Study

Students should tell everything related to their studies to their parents. If you are making any mistake in the study, then parents can guide you. By talking to parents, you can do future planning well. By including parents, they will also get information about your strong and weak points. This will have a positive effect on your study.

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