Forget foldable mobiles, Intel created a new foldable laptop

Horseshoe Bend laptop

You must have seen foldable-screen phones a lot, but foldable screen laptops are rarely in the market. If you have found a folding screen laptop in the market, then either the keyboard will be attached to it or else the gap of joints will be very large while folding.

At CES 2020, the tech giant Intel introduced a new prototype “Horseshoe Bend” within the folding concept. This prototype has been developed under the new generation of computers. Although Intel does not make computers or laptops, it has designed this model laptop to inspire companies related to computer manufacturing.

Horseshoe Bend laptop
Intel Horseshoe Bend laptop Gif (The

Despite having all the capabilities of a computer in Horseshoe Bend, it looks like a 17.3 large-screen tablet. It has an OLED display. With the help of a surface-style kickstand, you can use the entire display using an external keyboard.

In this laptop, you can scroll the web page on the entire display in folding mode with the help of the touch screen, which makes it look quite spectacular. You get the option of a virtual keyboard on the folding display screen, that is, you can use half of the display as a keyboard. This Laptop is worked around Intel’s new 10nm Tiger Lake design. It allows for a 7mm-thick chassis with a 9W TDP and without any active cooling.

Horseshoe Bend laptop Using Excel
Intel Horseshoe Bend laptop Using Excel Gif (The

Right now this laptop has current window 10 workings. But the upcoming Window x operating system will also be very well supported in it. By the end of 2020, such computers can make their place in the market, which is a powerful computer machine as well as giving good performance.

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