Google is discontinuing support services on Chrome apps

Google is discontinuing support services on Chrome apps

Support for Google Chrome apps will be discontinued in June. Now the company will not take app submissions. Although users can continue using Google Chrome’s apps right now

The Google Chrome application is being shut down. The company has announced that these apps will stop working on all platforms in the coming times. Now new submissions will not be taken on Google Chrome web store. However, this does not mean that they will be completely destroyed now.

The company will take these steps from March 2020 i.e. from then the submissions will be closed. In the event of submissions being closed, developers will not be able to bring new apps on this platform. Older applications will still run. The good thing is that developers will continue to push updates in existing apps till June 2022.

Google has released the timeline and has told that from when these apps will stop working. Google Chrome apps will not work from June 2022 onwards. If you do not know about Chrome apps, then tell that these are actually web-based apps that you can install in Chrome.

According to Google, Chrome apps will be replaced by web apps and According to Google, its support from all places like Windows, Mac and Linux will be discontinued from June 2020. However, for education and enterprise customers, it will be supported by December 2020.

Google Chrome apps generally do not use much. Google Chrome has its own store where these apps are available. Google Chrome also has extensions that are similar to Google Chrome apps.

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