“Hitarthi With Plantation”An Eco Campaign Started In UP

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Hritharth Foundation will celebrate eco fortnight, “Hitarthi with Plantation” campaign will run till June 19

Prayagraj: The NGO Hritarth Foundation started a massive tree plantation campaign from yesterday. On 5 June, the organization planted a total of 50 trees to commemorate World Environment Day. The founder and secretary of the institution Ankit Mishra said that we are going to celebrate the environmental fortnight for the next 15 days. In which about 50 saplings will be planted every day, as well as their irrigation and protection work, will be done.

A massive public awareness campaign will be conducted on social media during the environmental fortnight. Many youngsters are in villages during the lockdown period and it is a good chance that it is also raining. In such a way, more and more trees should be planted and protected.

Giving information, co-convenor of the institute, Krishna Kumar Tiwari said that the campaign will be run for the next 15 days, with the “Hitarthi with plantation” campaign. The aim of the campaign is to make people aware of this along with large plantations.

Yesterday was the first day of the “Hitarthi with Plantation” campaign. Prominent among them was the secretary of the institution Ankit Mishra, convenor Krishna Kumar, Prayagraj convenor Anoop Shukla, media in-charge Nikhil Dwivedi, Gaurav Tiwari, Sourav, Shivam, and other activists.

Hitarthi with plantation

The “Hitarth Foundation” has been working in the field of education and environment in Prayagraj for 4 years. The institution works by making free coaching to poor children, conducting various practical examinations, and making students aware of education. Apart from this, making people aware of environmental pollution, tree plantation campaign, Ganga cleanliness campaign, pond and pasture liberation campaigns, polythene liberation, etc. make people aware.

Web Title: “Hitarthi With Plantation”An Eco Campaign Started In UP
Featured Image: Plantation by Hitarth Foundation (Pic: Positivenews24)

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