How to backup data before system crash in Windows-7

window 7 system image backup

System backup in window-7

No matter how careful you are, your computer can still crash at any time. Therefore you must keep a backup of your system. After this, even if you don’t want to, your important data can be cleared easily. So you should back up your computer to avoid this trouble

Performing a system backup means creating a separate copy of all the files, including the operating system in your computer, called a system image. In case of any untoward, your computer can be restored to its old state by restoring it. System image can be placed on any other drive, partition, hard disk, CD, DVD, USB, driver, etc. You can add more than one drive if you want.

Know the System before taking Backup

Windows has the facility to format partitions on hard disks into two different file systems.
We call these two features FAT and NTFS file systems.
However, nowadays almost everyone uses better and newer NTFS file systems.
While installing Windows in your computer, tell the engineer to format it in the NTFS file system itself as it has modern facilities for data security, access and backup.

Follow these steps to take Backup of your System

1. For system backup, first, press the start button and go to the control panel.

2. Open the Backup your computer option by clicking System and Security here.

3. Click on Create a system image in the options shown on the left. This will open a WIZARD (step-by-step process), continue by giving the information asked here

4. You can choose any drive or external drive (CD, DVD, external hard disk, USB drive, etc.) of your computer to store the backup image.

5. Now press the Start Backup button, the process will start. In a while, the system image will be created in a folder named Window Image Backup. If a system image already exists at the same place, then the old image will be deleted by creating a new image.

Automatic Backup

If you want to avoid the hassle of having to backup yourself again and again, then you can try the option of automatic backup in the window intake.

1. Open the control panel by pressing the start button and click on System & Security.

2. Now click on Backup & Recovery.

3. Now in the window that opens click on the setup backup above on the right side.
4. Now in the dialog box that opens, you will be asked where you want to save the backup of your system.

5. In the next screen you will be asked what would you like to include in your backup.
There is also an option Let Window Choose. Common users should choose this. If you have advanced information, you can instruct to backup the favorite content by choosing another option.

6. Now under Review your backup setting, you will be asked to confirm the setting you have chosen.

7. From the schedule option here, you can decide how soon to back up your system – daily, weekly or monthly. It can also be told at what time to backup.

8. If everything is fine then click on Save Settings and Run Backup button, the process of backup will start. After this, backup will be done every time according to your stated schedule.

You may have to face these two problems to restore system backup

Case 1. If the computer has not stopped working

If your computer has not stopped working completely, then the computer can be brought to the previous position by going to the control panel.

1. Access the control panel by pressing the start button.

2. Here go to System and Security, write the recovery in the search box on the top right and click the recovery link shown in the results.

3. Now click on Advanced Recovery Methods.

4. Now click on the link of “Use a system image you created earlier to recover your computer” which appears in the dialog box that opens.

5. Now the recovery process will begin. The computer will restart after the process is over. After which everything in the system will be the same as before.

Case 2. If the computer has stopped working completely.

1. Restart the computer by pressing the power button.

2. If your computer has an operating system, press the F-8 button on the keyboard as soon as the computer starts. Keep in mind that this button must be pressed before the start of Window-7. If not, restart the computer again and press the F8 key immediately.

3. Now advanced boot option will appear on your screen. Using the up and down (arrow) buttons on the keyboard, go to repair your computer and press the enter button.
4. Now the board layout will be asked. Choose English United States here. Now enter the password that you have been putting up till now when starting window-7. After this press the OK button.

5. Now click on System Image Recovery in the menu. Indicate where the system image is placed when asked.

6. The system restore process will begin. At the end of it, your computer will reach the old state.

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