No Need Good Graphic Card for Playing High Quality Game

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Are you interested in playing the game or you always buy a CD to play new games? Usually if you are a big fan of gaming then you will also have a play station. Playing games in the Play station will make you feel happy give you good gaming experience.

But now there is a new tool in the gaming industry that will change your gaming experience.
Now you will be able to play a game of high graphic quality in without any high graphic card in your PC or Phone.
Let’s know what is such a thing after which those who play the game will enjoy it.

How is the gaming concept now?

You now play games like Call of Duty, GTA San Andreas, GTA-5, Battlefield and PUBG in your computer, but in all these games you have to face the problem of Game Lagging (hang).
The main reason for this problem is that lack of good configuration PCs or laptops.
In such a system the graphic card is less specific, and if we also look a computer with a good graphic card, then the computer gets out of the budget, finally we have only one solution, we are satisfied only by not playing game.
But now this problem is going to come away soon, because you will not need any good graphic card computer or laptop and you will easily playing good graphic games in 4K quality.
Google is bringing a tool for your needs, the name of this tool is “Google Stadia”

Call of Duty Gameplay google stadia
Call of Duty Gameplay (Pic:

What is Google Stadia

Google Stadia is a tool created by Google that is the Future of the Game. Through this technique you will go to any gaming company page on YouTube and just click the play button and in less than a minute, your game will connect directly to Google’s Data Center and you can easily able to play games.
Through this tool you will not need any expensive system to playing the game. You will be able to take this gaming experience easily with the help of Google Chrome browser on laptops, tablets, mobile phones and smart TVs. For this, you have to install Chrome Cast Extension in Google Chrome.

Assassin creed Gameplay
Assassin creed Gameplay (Pic:

Advance Google stadia controller

Google Stadia has also created a controller to improve its gaming performance, which will be used to control the game while playing a game, the main thing about this controller is that the controller runs fully Wi-Fi, two Special buttons are given in which one button is of Google Assistant and another button is for capturing the screen. With the help of Google Assist button, you can get a solution to any problem related to the game while playing the game.

Google Stadia Controller
Google Stadia Controller (Pic:

How Google Google stadia Technology Works!

Google Stadia connects the user with the help of fiber cables present in the world to its data center, after which it provides the streaming of the game in 4K quality to its user.
Most games now offer graphic support of 1020P but in the future, Google Stadia is planning to increase its gaming graphic from 4K to 8K.

Google Stadia has tie-up with the AMD processor company, to improve its graphic experience.
After which a custom GPU has been created with the help of both.
The graphic power of this custom GPU is 10.7 teraflop, which is more than the currently running PS4 Pro and X Box One.
Google Stadia is made up of the Linux operating system which uses the Open Graphic API Vulkan.
A gaming engine such as Ubisoft and Unreal is a partner of Google Stadia.

Google Stadia is a cross-play gaming platform that performs multiplayer games like PUBG and GTA. Without any good graphic quality & good  connectivity to the data center through the Internet we can face  poor internet network. Due to poor network connectivity multi-game Experience is not good. Google stadia technique is completely cloud computing base and we can enjoy multiplayer gaming.
To purchase this tool, you can subscribe service like Netflix.
Right now this tool is going to be launched in America, Europe and Canada soon in 2019.
After that this tool will also come in India. In this way you can use this tool on any internet device and enjoy gaming.

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