India can buy US-Global Hawk drone

In the month of June, Iran Islamic Revolution Guard Corps claimed that he had shot a Global Hawk spy drone of America by a missile. Iran charged the border violation on the US. The Global Hawk Drone is the latest unmanned aircraft that American Air Force uses.

Drones can protect Indian border areas

According to a news of Sputnik, it is reported that the Indian Air Force is thinking again of buying such 30 Spy American drones from America. The cost of this aircraft deal will be around $ 6 billion.In front of the IAF, keeping the border area safe from countries such as Pakistan and China is a challenging task.In order to strengthen cross border infiltration and strengthen Indian border forces and demolish the terrorists base, the IAF also needs such aircraft.
In the past, there was a tense atmosphere between India and Pakistan, because militant attacks in Indian Army jawans in Jammu and Kashmir, in which 40 soldiers had died, in the retaliation of this Ghat, India, the terrorists operating inside the Pakistan border Under the surgical strike on camps, Mirage 2000 fighter aircraft fired deadly bombs in which nearly 300 terrorists were killed.But in this type of military operation, the pilots of our air force are at risk of life.Constant conditions on the border remain the same, especially when it comes to the border between India and Pakistan.
That is why India needs such aircraft in which the terrorists can be prosecuted without risking the lives of our pilots.

US War game changer Global Hawk drone

America’s RQ-4 Global Hawk Spy Dragon is very effective for the battlefield. The US military has used this plane in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Syria. This aircraft is capable of carrying with a pay load of 1300 Kg. With this, the aircraft is equipped with a variety of modern weapons.
If the Indian Air Force deal with the United States, then this aircraft will certainly strengthen the IAF. To strengthen the Indian air force, India has already made a deal with Rafael Fighter Aircraft from France. Soon, the delivery of the Rafael aircraft will also start getting to India.
If seen, compared to Raphael, the American Spy Dragon can be costly for India. But today India is the biggest buyer of defense deals all over the world and these American drones can also be bought.

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