Irani missiles attack on US base, and a plane crash in Tehran

Iran News on missile attack2020

Iran has again fired missiles at US bases in Iraq. Iran fired about a dozen missiles for this action. Iran has claimed 80 American soldiers killed in this attack, after which the US has also confirmed the attack, but the US has also said that no damage has been done in it. Iraq has done this rocket attack on an American base in Baghdad, 27 km near Tazi. Iran has called this attack a response to the murder of Journal Sulemani against the US.

Due to this turmoil in Iran, many countries have banned their air services from entering the airfields of Iran. The Foreign Ministry of India has also issued an advisory banning the flight from Iranian airports. Apart from this, many other countries have also changed their air routes.

A plane crash has also been reported from Iran. There were 180 passengers in this plane crash. It has been reported by the Iran Civil Aviation Organization that no emergency request came from the pilot before the plane crashed. This Ukraine flight crashed shortly after takeoff from Tehran Airport. Tehran airport told in the initial information that the accident was caused by a technical fault.

Web Title: Irani missiles attack on US base, and a plane crash in Tehran

Featured Image: Image Of Iran Missile Launch & Recently Plane crash (Pic: Nation/The Times)

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