John Amos, the father of modern education

John Amos Comenius

John Amos broke the traditional and obsolete pattern of education and linked it to the everyday life of a common man. John Amos is known as the father of modern education, his full name was John Amos John Amos Comenius. There was a time when education was limited to certain families and people. Its appearance was so complex that it was almost impossible for the common man to understand it. This period was in the 15th century when certain sections of people used to determine the direction and condition of society. In such a period, on 28 March 1592, in the Moravia of the Czech Republic, John Amos Comenius was born. John Comenius was born in a very poor family. Due to lack of money, his childhood spent much time in difficulties and problems. Even after facing all the troubles and difficulties, they continued to gain education. He studied himself and mastered all the subjects.

John Amos Comenius
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New Philosophy of Education Made Easy

What he saw and felt in his life gave birth to philosophy in John Ammos’s mind. The name of this philosophy was Pacifism. Some people also believe that they started a religion called pacifism, whose purpose was to try to learn something at all times.
Those who believe pacifism are called a pacifist. Pacifist means the omniscient In his philosophy, he inspired a person to become a pacifist.

Levels of classes determined by Comenius

The schools which are showing class levels today were suggested by John Comenius.
In which nursery school (Kindergarten), school (primary school) for children aged 6 to 12, Latin school (secondary school) for 12 to 18 years of age and then university-level education Was suggested.

First-time use of pictures in books

Throughout his life, John Amos Comenius worked to connect religion, science, and culture with each other.
After studying all the world’s subjects and religions, he wrote a book called Orbis Pictus.
This was the first book in which pictures were used to teach children.
This book has remained a standard text of Europe for 200 years. This book changed the teaching methods of children in schools.
He gave a model of education and tried to convince them that the content of the courses should be adaptable to the learning potential of the children.
Children should try to explain things with the help of pictures.
According to Kamenios, if a child is failing to understand something, then he should not be punished but should be helped and discouraged.
Whatever children are taught, they should be used by the children in practical use. Where possible, exhibition and observation should be ideal.
This idea of ​​Kamenius was very modern because of which it has not been implemented properly to date.
John Comenius wrote many textbooks on education. He wrote more than a hundred books. In every of his books, he paid special attention to the education of children. They told the children the eyes of Jesus Christ. According to them, children will be the rightful heirs of Jesus Christ who will rule over the kingdoms on the coming of God and will liberate the kingdoms from the devils.
However, most educational proposals of Comenius are accepted today in the world, but after his death, his work was virtually ignored.
John Amos Comenius, who was recognized as the father of modern education around the world, died on 15 Nov 1670

John Amos Comenius book Drawing
John Amos Comenius book Drawing (

Basic Principles on the Education of John Amos Comenius

  1. There should be a single education system for the whole world.
  2. Discipline is required to learn anything.
  3. Only children should be educated in their own language by not teaching them in the Latin language.
  4. It is the responsibility of the teacher to make such an environment in the school where children are happy.
  5. Whatever children should be taught, they should try to explain them practically.
  6. Schools should be given full relaxation to read according to their interests.
  7. Education of all subjects should be integrated. Instead of fragmentation of topics, there should be a connection to topics.
  8. The curriculum should focus on important principles, not on trivial, useless facts.
  9. Each subject should be taught from simple to complex to gradual level.
  10. Children should be encouraged to compete. The competition challenges the children to work hard

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