Battle of Kargil on the highest hills

India celebrates 20th anniversary of Kargil Day. But India fought this war against the most challenging circumstances.

A person named Tashi Namgyal, a resident of Kargil in Kashmir, found his sheep when he reached the hills and saw that some Pakistani soldiers were trying to hide the stones and hide them.
Seeing this, Tashi’s consciousness flew away.
He immediately gave information to the troops stationed on a nearby checkpoint.

Boforce Gun Kargil (Pic:

Indian Army personnel reached this place after hearing the information in which the suspicious activities were going on. As soon as these tropes of Indian army reached near some of the Pakistani soldiers, Pak Troops started running gunfire on the Indian army Troops. Five soldiers of India were killed in this firing by the enemies.
This was the beginning of the Kargil War.

After this attack, it became clear that the situation which the Indian Army was thinking was more dangerous than that. The information obtained by the Indian Army after talking to all the intelligence experts and local people was very dangerous.

According to this information, the high mountains of Kargil were occupied by about 5000 soldiers of Pak army. It was the hill that India’s army used to vacate due to the cold winter season.

Kargil War Image
Kargil War Image (Pic: India Today)

There were many serious challenges before the Indian Indian Army. The enemy was attacking the Indian army from the top of the hill. At that time there was so much fog because of the cold in Kargil that it was also difficult to see the soldiers above the hills. The Indian Army’s fight was more than the Pak army, which was difficult for the Indian soldiers to climb on a steep climb. For the first time, the Indian Army was fighting a battle over the mountains. Therefore, he had no experience of such a fight.

On the other hand, the Pak army came with complete preparation on the hills of Kargil. The purpose of Pakistan was very clear. Pakistan occupied Kargil because it would take over the NHD route which connecting India and Siachen to its control. Siachen would be separated from India if Pakistan captured the NHD.

Mig 29 in Kargil War
Mig 29 in Kargil War (Pic:

At present, on May 3, 1999, the war was declared officially between these two neighbors. The scope of this war was in 100 kilometers. Soldiers from Pak were attacking from hills, in whose response the Indian army was firing bomb with the help of Bofors guns. At the beginning of this war, Pakistan was getting heavier on the army of Army India. For the first two weeks of the war, the Indian Army was struggling in front of the Pakistan Army. It was very difficult for the Indian Army to kill Pak soldiers.

When Pakistan’s army was getting heavy on the Indian Army, then the appearance of this war would change with the entry of Indian Air Force.

Indian Air Force joins the fight by making all its preparations and plans.

In this battle, the Indian Air Force burnt so much fire on Pakistani camps, that the flames of fire were seen with fog on Kargil peaks. With the help of MiG-29 and MiG-19, Indian Air Force dropped bombs on the Kargil hills in places where Pak army was occupied. From below, the army was attacking hills with Boffers guns.

In this way, fighting the soldiers of the Pak army was not able to save their lives. More than 500 Indian soldiers of the Indian Army were martyred in this battle of nearly 6 months.

Even after this fight, the relationship between the two countries have not improved yet

But we remember the strength of the Indian soldiers shown in Kargil as Vijay Day.

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