Coronavirus: You Should Know Everything about it

Coronavirus in Microscope

The whole world is worried about the outbreak of Coronavirus. This virus is spreading in people very fast. So far, about 171 people have died in China due to the Coronavirus. The virus has been confirmed in 8235 people. Although this virus has also reached other countries, death has not been reported from any country other than China.

This pandemic has made life in China a mess. The Chinese government has stopped the transport system in many cities. Roads look empty. People are being monitored thoroughly as a precaution. Many airports have been closed. Many foreigners are trapped in China and in such a situation, people are being sent out from China only after thorough Medical investigation.

Coronavirus Graphic (Pic: CNN)

What is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is a simple visible disease in humans. This virus has been named as (2019-nCoV) Novel Coronavirus. According to scientists, the virus belongs to the group of SARS-Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome and MERS- Middle East Respiratory Syndrome.

There were a total of 6 main types of this group before the Novel Coronavirus broke out.

  • 229E alpha Coronavirus,
  • NL63 alpha Coronavirus,
  • OC43 beta Coronavirus,
  • HKU1 beta Coronavirus.

The remaining 2 types given below are considered more dangerous.

  • MERS- middle east respiratory syndrome (Mars Coronavirus) virus infecting humans.
  • Severe acute respiratory syndrome.

    Symptoms of virus spread from China are of the SARS virus. This virus rapidly infects respiratory-related diseases in humans.

In 2003, more than 800 people died due to the outbreak of SARS virus once before in China. The new novel coronavirus looks exactly like a prince’s crown when viewed under a microscope.

According to scientists (nCoV) coronavirus has reached humans from animals. The coronavirus named HCoV was first identified in the 1960s. Till now its 6 varieties have been identified. This time the Coronavirus is of a completely new species whose vaccine is not available yet. This virus is a respiratory virus that can easily reach to Human body.

How the coronavirus outbreak happened and where it started

On the occasion of New Year, when the world was entering in 2020, a case related to this Coronavirus was detected in Wuhan city of China. The WHO head office in China informed that a disease like Namonia is spreading in Wuhan city of China, no source is being known. Wuhan is a central city in China where the virus outbreak occurred.

The WHO quickly realized the dangers of coronavirus, after which he turned his attention to the virus. China also closed the city of Wuhan and stopped the movement of the transport system, seeing the dangers increasing. Celebrating the Lunar New Year Festival in China was also banned.

Many people travel towards their hometown on the festival occasion, in which case this virus could have spread. According to reports, the virus broke out from a Seafood market in China (Wuhan). Most of the seafood is sold in this market alive, due to which the virus spread easily.

But now other such markets have also been closed in China. On January 7, China informed the world that this virus belongs to the group of coronavirus, which is spreading easily from human to human through the air.

Wuhan Outbreak Map
Wuhan Outbreak Map (Pic: KPBS)

Why is Corinavirus so dangerous!

Coronavirus is dangerous due to human transmission. People travel from one place to another and from infected people this virus easily reaches your breath through the air and enters your body.

This virus comes under the category of Zoonotic disease, which is transmitted between humans and animals. Zoonotic disease is caused by harmful germs such as viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungi.

Such infections are spread in humans by Bats, Bugs, Cats, Fleas, Flies, Monkeys, Pigs, Horses, Camel, Mice, Goats Mosquitoes and Rabbits. Many types of diseases are also caused by these infections.

Coronavirus Spread
Coronavirus Spread (Pic: Phys.Org)

How is WHO tracking coronavirus?

who had called an emergency meeting on this epidemic in which experts from all the countries were present, all those people are doing research on diseases related to this virus. China has asked the world community to work together to stop this epidemic.

At this time it is very important to control this virus before it becomes an epidemic. Today, who has also praised China’s efforts to prevent the virus. Currently, who has not declared this virus as a global emergency. But it can be decided upon if required. Before this, who had declared Ebola virus as a global emergency.

How many countries have reported cases related to Corona-virus

  • Coronavirus is spreading rapidly in many countries in Asia. The data related to some countries is given below. If you want to see information about the spread of Coronavirus in detail, then CLICK HERE.
  • China-7678
  • Thailand-14
  • Japan-11
  • Hong Kong-10
  • Singapore-10
  • Australia-7
  • Malaysia-7
  • US- 5
  • India-1

What action has been taken on this virus

Apart from China, many countries have made thermal scanning arrangements at their airports. In many countries, movement from China has been stopped. All animal-related trade has been banned in China, doctors and scientists from all over the world are searching for the Coronavirus vaccine.

What are the symptoms of this virus

This virus is undoubtedly a common-looking disease, but underestimating its potential can be overwhelming. The symptoms associated with this virus are as follows.

  • Headache
  • Runny Nose
  • Cough & Soreness
  • Fever
  • Sneezing frequently
  • Worsening of Asthma
  • Swelling of Lungs
  • Feeling too tired

How to avoid coronavirus

If you want to protect against this virus, then you have to be a hand hygienic.

  • Do not eat raw or half-cooked meats.
  • Avoid eating Seafood.
  • Avoid meat market/slaughterhouse
  • Distance from people with sickness symptoms
  • Go out wearing a mask
  • Wash hands with soap
  • Cover or sneeze by covering the mouth
  • If symptoms are known, go to the doctor.
  • Get more rest and sleep after illness.
  • Keep a distance from the outside animals.
  • wash the hands well when in contact with the animals.

Are there more dangerous viruses like this?


It is a Deadliest Virus in the world. Named after a small town on river Lahn. It is a Hemorrhagic fever virus, which causes convulsions and bleeding of mucous membranes, skin, and organs. Fatality Rate of this virus is 90%.


Discovered in the Southwestern coast of India in 1955. Difficult to determine carriers of the virus, causes a high fever and strong headaches.


Five strains named after countries and regions of Africa. Zaire Ebola virus is the deadliest. Zaire Ebola virus has a mortality rate of 90%


Its strains have a mortality rate of 70%. Contracted through direct contact with poultry


One Of the Deadliest Viruses across the world. American soldiers first infected during the Korean War in 1950. Symptoms Include Lung disease, fever


Associated with hemorrhagic fever. Infected people suffer from tissue inflammation, sepsis and skin bleeding. diseases rarely detected in the initial days.

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