Masked goons attacked students in JNU campus, the government ordered an inquiry

Masked goons attacked students in JNU campus

Suddenly violent activities were seen at the world-famous Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi today. In the number of 20, some of the masked goons who had brought some weapons with them, the video of their violence is visible in the media reports. As soon as this masked arrived in the JNU, there became an atmosphere of chaos. There was a clash with some students in which 15 students were seriously injured. The injured students were admitted to the All India Institute of Medical Science Hospital in Delhi.

Masked goons committing violence
Masked goons committing violence (Pic: BBC)

Outside JNU, the students’ protest dominates. Students of many groups are shouting slogans for their demands. In which students of different universities in Delhi are also present. A large number of students have gathered near the Head Quarters of Delhi Police, which has led to a long jam on Delhi’s busiest road development road. The President of JNU’s Student Union was seriously injured in the attack.

Injured Students of JNU Violence
Injured Students of JNU Violence (Pic:)

Apart from JNU in Delhi, some students in different parts of the country are also demonstrating in support of JNU students. JNU is one such institute in India where children of both rich and poor families can study at a low cost with admission. Recently, there was a clash between the student union (right-left wing) from 3 January after the fees raised by the government in JNU.

After this uproar in JNU, some leaders of the opposition party also reached AIIMS Hospital to meet the injured students. Condemnation has been expressed on this incident in JNU on behalf of the Government of India. Home Minister Amit Shah has also condemned the violence in the university campus.

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