Modi said, will have to be self-sufficient after Covid-19

Modi said, will have to be self-sufficient after covid19

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses the nation on COVID-19 related issues, on May 12, 2020. (Photo: IANS/PIB)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi once again gave his address to the country on Tuesday. Significantly, due to coronavirus, there is a lockdown in India for the last 50 days. Just Monday, PM Modi has made a digital meeting with the Chief Ministers of various Indian states and assessed the situation.

PM Modi’s address to the country on Covid-19 Situation.

Lockdown in India for the last 50 days.

PM Modi: The world is in crisis due to COVID-19, but humans have to win from this trouble.

PM Modi gave the goal of the resolution of self-reliant India.

Modi said The 21st century is the century of India.

20 lakh crore economic package announced by PM Modi for COVID-19.

PM Narendra Modi in Tuesday’s speech mentioned the worrisome situation of Coronavirus, he said that the world has passed 4 months while fighting with Coronavirus. Around 42 million people worldwide are infected with Corona. Around three and a half million people have died tragically worldwide. Many people in India have lost their lives, I express my condolences to the families of all of them.

A virus has devastated the world, millions of lives are facing a crisis all over the world. The world has never seen such a catastrophe. This crisis is unimaginable for mankind. Even after so many problems, the tendency of humans is that he does not lose by any problem. We also have to fight the war with the Coronavirus and avoid the corona and follow the rules.

PM Modi gave the goal of the resolution of self- sufficient India

Modi said, in this era of crisis, we have to strengthen our resolve more, our resolve will also be greater than this crisis. The 21st century is the century of India, so we have got a better chance to understand and look at global policies. For the 21st century, we have to adopt the path of self-reliant India. At present, coronavirus has also brought opportunities for India.

The definition of the term self-reliance in the global world is changing. Economic-centric globalization versus human-centered globalization is in full swing today. India does not talk about personal self-reliance, India’s self-reliance is a concern for the happiness of the world, peace, and cooperation.

The progress of the world has been embedded in India’s progress. India’s actions definitely have an impact on world welfare. The world believes that India can do very well. India can offer a lot of good for human welfare. India is on the path of development even though it is steadfast towards public welfare. India has the resources, power and the finest talent in the world.

A grand building of self-sufficient India stands on these 5 pillars


An economy that brought quantum jump, not incremental change.


An infrastructure that becomes the hallmark of modern India.


A system that is based on technology-driven systems of realizing the dreams of the 21st century, not the policy of the past century.


The world’s largest democracy is our strength.


The power of the cycle of demand and supply needs to be used to its full potential. Stakeholder empowerment is very important to create and fulfill demand.

20 lakh crore economic package announced by PM Modi

Prime Minister Modi has announced a special economic package to face the crisis. This economic package will be Rs 20 lakh crore, it is 10% of India’s GDP. Different sections of the country will benefit from it. Land, labor, liquidity, and law all in this package are included.

The economic package will provide relief for our cottage industries, home industries, small and medium industries, MSMEs, farmers, and middle classes.

In the coming times, India’s goal is to move forward with the commitment of bold reform. In the last 6 years, due to such a bold reform, the money sent by the Government of India in times of crisis has reached the accounts of the poor at a time when all government offices and means of transport were closed. India will have to bring new reforms in the agricultural sector. Good infrastructure and robust financial system will have to be arranged

Under the Corona period, the importance of local supply chain is understood. Local business has played an important role to fulfill all our demand. We have to be vocal for local. You have to buy goods from the local and also have to promote it.

All export scientists are told that Corona will stay with us for a long time. But our life will remain confined around the corona, so all rules have to be followed. We will also follow 2 yards but will not let our target get away.

The fourth phase lock down 4 will be completely new look, based on the suggestions received from states, information related to lockdown will also be given before 18 may.

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