France’s G-7 Summit, Modi tells Trump to stay away from India-Pakistan bilateral issue.

Prior to the G-7 conference in France, there were bilateral talks between PM Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump and then the top leaders reached the press conference where they answered the questions of journalists. During this, PM Modi once again said that the spice between India and Pakistan is bilateral, which both countries can resolve together. PM Modi clearly said that India does not need unity. PM Modi said that there are many bilateral issues between India and Pakistan, India-Pakistan have to fight poverty together, fight against illiteracy and also many issues are in front of both the countries which we can resolve together and We will sort it out amongst ourselves. We do not need any restlessness.

Significantly, three times in the last one month, US President Donald Trump has offered mediation on Kashmir, but India had earlier explicitly refused to mediate and today PM Modi has clearly stated in front of President Trump I said that India does not need any mediator. PM Modi said that the situation is under control and we do not want to trouble any country as a mediator.

PM Modi said that Kashmir is also a bilateral issue and we will resolve it among ourselves, there is no need for mediation of any country because we do not want to trouble anyone. Donald Trump, who was stunned by PM Modi’s tirade, also added to the tone of PM Modi that the issues between India and Pakistan are bilateral and both should be resolved together. Prior to this, President Trump has offered arbitration on Kashmir many times, which India has repeatedly refused. It is expected that after PM Modi’s refusal, the US President will never offer mediation from next time.

Web Title: Modi & Trump Talk in France’s G-7 Summit

Feature Image: Modi & Trump (Pic: Modi & Trump)

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