Mukesh Ambani’s new bets in technology

Reliance Industries Limited Chairman Mukesh Ambani made several announcements at the 42nd Anual General Meeting. Like every time, this AGM was not only beneficial for direct users but also investors got to know the future road map of the company in this AGM.
Although a lot of people wanted to hear about Jio Phone 3 but there was no announcement about it. Here we are telling you 15 such things that happened in the AGM which are directly related to you.


Next Move for Internet by launching Jio Fiber

Mukesh Ambani told the AGM that the commercial launch of JIO Fiber will be on 5 September. The company said that through this, users will get speeds from 100mbps to 1gbps.
Also, this plan will start from Rs 700 and go up to Rs 10 thousand. Also, after taking the annual pack of JIO Fiber, users will get free setup of Jio with HD TV.
Jio Premium users will be able to watch the film upon release.
Apart from this, there is good news for those who call abroad.
JIO Fiber has also announced a Rs 500 pack for the US and Canada.
Through this service, the company will bring the expenses incurred on TV, cable and landline connections in your home between 1 thousand rupees to 1,200 rupees according to your needs in a month.
MSMEs will also be given a special plan.

Jio customer base reach 34 crore

The launch of Jio service has just completed almost three years, but during this time the company has added 34 crore users across the country.
The company said that it is adding 10 million users every month.

Partnership with Tech Giant Microsoft

JIO has announced a partnership with Microsoft. Under this partnership, the two companies will open data centers across the country.
Jio will provide blockchain technology service in the country.
Also, startups will get cloud investment free. This service will start from 1 January 2020

Planning to give Gaming Experience to User

Reliance Jio has also announced a new gaming platform.
The company will provide users with a gaming set-top-box, which will support all popular controllers.
In this, users will be able to do multiplayer gaming. This gaming platform will work with Jio’s high-speed broadband, giving players a great fast gaming experience with “zero latency”.
Apart from this, the company has also introduced a VR based product. The demo shown in the meeting suggests that users can also shop and even customize their shopping through this VR platform.

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