PM Modi receives highest honor in UAE

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is present in UAE today. PM reached Dubai yesterday where he had a grand reception. This is his third trip to Dubai.
The PM was awarded the highest civilian award in the UAE named Order of Zayed Madel, which is a special honor there. The award was announced in April this year.

PM Modi met Dubai’s Crown Prince

In this journey, PM Modi met Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan.
Al Nahyan is currently the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, in addition he is also the Supreme Commander of the UAE Arm Force.
In this visit of PM Modi, it is important to discuss bilateral economic, regional and international importance issues between the two countries.
The United Arab Emirates is India’s third largest trading partner, with which India does bilateral trade worth $ 60 billion annually.
Apart from this, UAE is also India’s fourth largest exporter for crude oil.
The presence of approximately 3.3 million Indian people in the UAE strengthens the mutual relations between the two countries.

PM Modi walk with Abu Dhabi Crown Prince
PM Modi walk with Abu Dhabi Crown Prince (Pic:

PM Modi Launched Rupay card

PM Modi also attended a business summit held in Dubai today, in which he launched the Indian Rupay Card. Indian people can now shop in UAE through this card.
In Dubai, the Rupay Card has been launched as a Dollar alternative.

Rupay Card Launch in UAE
Rupay Card Launch in UAE (Pic: Times of India)

India connecting Islamic countries for regional cooperation.

In view of the current relations between India and Pakistan, the visit of the UAE is also special for relations with India and Muslim countries as Pakistan is constantly seeking support from Muslim countries, in response to which India will also through its diplomacy on this front Also wants to expose Pakistan.

The UAE has previously supported India in favor of the decision to remove Article 370 of India, as well as in the OIC meeting, the UAE also invited the non-Islamic country India to this meeting.

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