NASA will launch Space Tourism at International Space Station

Today, human beings have complete control over the earth, and humans have learned to use their elements to make their life easier on earth for their development and solution.

There was a time when the person used to spend his life like early man, in which he had lived in the forests, but with the help of science today, man has built a large skyscraper. The continuous evolution of technology has made every task easy for human beings, taking one more step towards this direction, the human is now exploring the possibilities of life on the other planets. And with the help of NASA soon, the space Tourism’s dream can be fulfilled now.

NASA’s Space Tourism Begins

America’s space agency NASA has announced that the citizens and businessmen can now easily travel to the International Space Station in space. The traveler must pay a very high price for this trip.

NASA had been planning to send the tourists to the International Space Station for the last several years and under this scheme, any private company had to be approved for space tourism. But America was not prepared for this plan early because it was difficult to think of the continuous improvement in skilled technology as it is possible to travel to the International Space Station.

But recently NASA has approved this space station for commercial use. And America has given this approval to two private companies who have exposed their own space project in front of the world. The name of the first company is Space X, which is set by Elon Musk and the other company’s name is Boing.


Two private company in the race for Space tourism

Boing Star Liner

Boing is a very old aviation company which was founded on July 15, 1916. Initially, this aviation company made a single canvas and wood airplane.

During the World War, the Boeing Company’s aircraft used by the armies of many countries and at that time the aircraft was made at large scale. After the World War ended, the company shifted to its industry in passenger aviation. This company’s Airplane B-747 was used in many countries’ air services.

The Boeing Company now wants to establish its supremacy in Space Tourism. For which Boing Crew Space Transportation (CST-100) Starliner Spacecraft has been manufactured by boing. This Spacecraft has been developed for Low Earth Orbit with the help of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program. This spacecraft has been built in such a way that 7 passengers can sit comfortably in it.
The specialty of this spacecraft is that it is reusable and it can be used 10 times within six months.

Now the company is in its testing process with the help of NASA and soon the company will complete its mission.

Space X Dragon Capsule

The name of the second company in the space race for space tourism is Space X. Its full name is Space Exploration Technologies Corporation. The founder of Space X is the well-known businessman and owner of the Tesla company Elon Musk. The company was founded on May 6, 2002.

This company today make Advance Rocket and launches it into space. Allen Musk founded this company with this goal so that people can easily be able to travel to other planets and space. Space X was the world’s first such private company that landed on the ground after flying for Low Orbit. In 2012, it became the first private spacecraft to deliver cargo at the International Space Station.

Space X has also created rockets named Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy, through which humans can be sent in space and on other planets. It can carry a load of 63000 Kgs with it.
Apart from this, the Dragon Capsule Spacecraft of Space X is capable of carrying 7 people for the Space orbit Mission. Its size is cone shaped. This spacecraft will be sent with the help of Falcon Rocket. Along with that, a special type of spacesuit is also designed for this spacecraft, which is equipped with facilities like Flame Resistance and Cooling.

What is the International Space Station (ISS)

The international space station, released in space in 1998, is the biggest thing created by humans outside the Earth. Its space is used for communication devices on earth. The weight of this space station is approximately 4.15 lakh kg. To create the space station, its different parts have been added by moving them into space. A scientific team is present at this space station at all times. A spacecraft is used to reach this space station. Many countries have made their contribution to creating such a large space station in space. But India’s name does not include the list of these countries.

The International Space Station is always located above 350 kilometers above the Earth’s height.

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