New MicroChip in cricket ball, accurate information will be found

To make cricket enjoyable, the technique is used to make many changes, including from the cameras used in the cricket ground to the LED light stump on the wicket.

Now technologies are also going to be used in the ball used in cricket, yes, it is being decided to put a Microchip inside the cricket ball, through which the data of the entire field, bowlers and batsmen are also collected through this microchip.
In this way, new types of information will also be seen in the playground.
The ball used in cricket is mostly made by the Kukabura company of Australia and it has been informed by the company that once this chip is fitted in the ball, it will come out only after the ball completely tears.

Accurate information about bowlers’ data

Once the microchip is fitted in the ball, the bowling action of the bowler, speed of bowling, reports of bounce on the pitch, data of the ball’s releasing point can be easily collected.
After which this data has been divided into three parts namely release point data, Pre-Bounce data, Post Bounce data.

Initially this ball will be used as an experiment in the Big Bash League, but if this experiment is successful then it can be used in international cricket as well.
Currently, data is received after the ball is thrown to collect such data. But now all this information will be available in real time.
The information used by the ICC was not accurate at all

Real time information data will be available

The ball-making company says that the use of such a chip in the ball will increase the thrill of the game because the audience will get a lot of information on every ball.

This microchip is the most important information to be found during spin bowling. In a format like Test cricket, this ball will help in creating new strategies.
When Batsman hits the ball, it will be informed that how much power shot hitting by the batsman.
The decisions taken by the third umpire when run out can also be closely watched, because many times players also fall victim to the wrong decision.

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