Pakistan Criticizes New Defense Deal of US-India

Pakistan has expressed its concerns regarding the defense deal between the US and India. Significantly, the US has currently passed a proposal to sell missile systems to India. Pakistan has criticized this proposal.

Pakistan Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Aisha Farooqui described it as further destabilizing the already unstable tension in South Asia. She said that while the world is fighting a global pandemic like Covid19, at this time, this deal is disturbing and not according to the interests of Pakistan.

Farooqui said that India is running fake terrorist operations on LOC about which Pakistan has repeatedly alerted the world and other neighboring countries. However, India has rejected Farooqui’s comment.

Significantly, the mutual tension between India and Pakistan has been tense for the last few years, so the military tension on the borders between the two countries is high.

Recently, the US State Department has approved the defense deals to be held with India. The deal includes 10 AGM-84 L Harpoon Block II air-launched missiles and 16 Mk-54 light torpedoes and related equipment.

The defense deal will be worth $ 155 million but the Indian authority has not commented on the deal, as it is yet to get Congress approval in the US.

The US, while defending the deal, has said that this proposed agreement with India will not create any hindrance in the regional balance.

The US said that this agreement will strengthen India’s naval capability, which wants to protect itself from potential regional threats. These weapons will be integrated into the Indian Navy’s Boeing P-8I advanced maritime patrol and anti-submarine warfare aircraft

This deal between India and America will further strengthen the strategic relationship between the two countries and at the same time, it will support national security according to US foreign policy.

Web Title: Pakistan Criticizes New Defense Deal of US-India

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