PUBG’s Lite new game version launches in India

In the field of mobile gaming, PUBG has created a new identity. This game has become very popular all over the world nowadays. In India too, this game is very crazy among the youth.
If you have an Android mobile phone then this game may also be available in your smartphone.
To play this game you still need a good RAM smartphone. But now the new solution to this problem of RAM has come in the market.
Actually you can now play this game in a low-RAM smartphone too.
The game maker company has launched its Windows Light version in view of this problem of users, which you can easily download from Android’s Google Play Store.
The download size of this game on Google PlayStore is about 400 MB.
The game company has made this game accordingly so that it can run in low-specification and RAM smartphones.

RPG-7 PUBG (Pic:

In this light version of the game, only 60 users can play at a time while playing the game. In the light version of the game you will not get large maps like original PUBG, but rather to reduce the load of the game, the size of the map has been reduced to a little bit.
While launching this light version in India, the game company has also updated its original version in which the user has got a new weapon named RPG-7.
This weapon is used as an anti-tank so that you can shoot and destroy the target.
Along with this, a new vehicle named Buggy is also included in a map.
With this light version of PUBG coming now, the smartphone with low RAM can easily enjoy this fun game too.

Buggy Vehicle PUBG
Buggy Vehicle PUBG (

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