May 16, 2021

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Raise 2020 Summit Completed, How India Will Become AI Hub

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India recently organized the RAISE 2020 Virtual Summit to emphasize on the technology of Artificial Intelligence. Representatives from 125 countries around the world participated in this summit. At the Raise 2020 Summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi explained the use and benefits of AI. Indian businessman Mukesh Ambani also took part in this summit, in which he said that in India, the mission of Digital India has connected people with technology, this is very positive results. In this way, by connecting people with technology, it will be easier to implement AI technology in the coming time. By organizing this summit, India showed the world that it wants to lead a new technology like AI.

Why The Need for AI Increased Rapidly

Artificial Intelligence is a technique that will be recognized as the main power in the coming times. Many developed countries have started working on it.

Man makes decisions according to the situation to do some work, similarly, in AI technology, the machine is made capable to analyze the data and take decisions independently.

We see this technique around us every day. There are many such features in the important software and applications related to mobile, TV, and Computers, which give the result according to the user’s choice.

When you use the Internet, with the help of AI, you see all the things that you want to see.

This is just a simple AI example. But this technology is more than this. Today, we have AI technology, with the help of which Humans can easily do many of their important tasks without any effort. By using this technology, the level of economy and social development of a country can be increased. Technology is changing very fast in the world, so it has become necessary for any country to adopt it.

What Can Be Done With AI Technology

AI technology will bring a revolutionary change around the world and the shape of this world will change in the next few decades. We will see various electronic devices around us that will work with AI technology. These devices will complete many of our tasks. It is not easy to imagine what can be done with this technique, but there are some important things that can be discussed.

Facial Recognition Technique Trough AI

This technique analyzes a person’s face and identifies it. This Technique is used with the help of photography and videography. The identity of the person can be found in any public place and security places. This technique is also used to buy cashless items in countries like Japan and China. If you feed public data in a robot, then the robot can be able to identify any person.

Facial Recognition Technique Graphic (Pic: Medium)

Driverless Car AI in Transportation

The use of driverless cars has started in the world with the help of AI. Large organizations like Waymo, Tesla, Google, Apple, Uber are developing Driverless cars with AI technology. This car uses a lot of sensors including GPS Navigation System, Digital Communication, radar technology, laser, camera, motion detection, audio processing sensor. All these sensors work together with the help of AI. In this way, the transport system will be Autonomous in a few years.

Driverless Car Technology
Driverless Car Inside Function Graphic (Pic: Adobe)

AI in The Medical Industry

The medical industry has progressed a lot over time but still many people in the world do not have good health facilities. It is difficult to assess diseases properly. Getting the right treatment at the right time is also a challenge. If AI technology is used in the medical industry, you can get better results. With the help of AI, we will be able to assess the impact of diseases on patients in detail and get a better result. By analyzing the data of the patients, any serious illness can be detected beforehand. Micro AI devices will be used in the medical industry, which will go into our body and cure internal diseases.

AI Robot in Medical Facility (Pic: greenlightmedical)

Automated AI Robots

In a few years we will see robots working around us. These robots will be used to perform some special tasks. With the help of robots AI, it will do many important tasks like lifting goods, giving service, giving instruction etc. In restaurants, these robots will survey the food and in the office these robots will be helpful in communication and office work among the staff of the office.

Automated AI Robots
Automated AI Robots (Pic: Fortune)

Artificial Intelligence in Education & Scientific Research

AI is the technology of the future which will take us into a new phase. In the coming few years, we will have to do many more new discoveries. A lot of time is spent in doing any research. Man tries to find the result of many complications with his mind. But in the coming time, man will need more research. Many possibilities can be observed using AI in educational and scientific research. Today, a team of many people have to work together in doing research, but soon an AI-powered algorithm will easily do all the work related to research. This will increase the speed of research and this will be important for future strategy of construction.

AI in Research & Education
AI in Research & Education (Pic: Deccanherald)

Artificial Inteligence in Agriculture Sector

In countries whose economy includes agriculture, it is a challenging task to earn the right benefits from agricultural products. Today a vast area like large-scale agriculture is handled by the individual farmer. But there are many factors in agriculture, whose information cannot be measured by the farmer. If AI technology is used in agriculture, then we can find out which crop will be right in which environment. In agriculture, many things can be decided before assessing its essential components. With the help of AI, the agriculture sector will be made profitable.

Use Of AI in Agreeculture
Use Of AI in Agreeculture (Pic: Maximumyield)

AI Action Plan in other countries of the world

All the countries of the world are becoming aware for AI technology because economic and social development can be done from it. China and the UK already want to make 26% and 10% of their GDP to AI by 2030. Right now the countries of the world are engaged in making strategy reports for AI adoption.

  • USA wants to increase its economy with the help of AI and is also using this technology in defense and space research. The US is investing $ 200 million to develop computer and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education.
  • China wants to use AI technology to improve its healthcare, education, energy transport, and social status. China started a 5-year university program aimed at training 500 teachers and 5000 students for AI technology. Apart from this, 50 World Class Teaching Institute was to be built to teach AI.
  • Japan wants to use AI technology in its industrial sector. Japan is already very developed in its industrial sector and with the help of AI, it will further improve it. Apart from this, Japan wants to use this technology for the Health Sector and Public Services as well. Japan has also planned to develop three universities for developing and reskilling Ai’s educational program
  • France wants to use AI technology in Environment, Transport, Healthcare, Defense, and Security. France also wants to triple the number of its AI graduates, for which new AI courses have been run by the government.

Looking at the strategies of all the countries, it is understood that almost all countries want to adopt the same goals. In which Education, Healthcare, Transport, Agriculture, Public Service, Defense, and Research are the main ones.

Possibility of Artificial Intelligence Adoption in India

  • India plans to encourage 5 I to promote Artificial Intelligence. 5I means Inclusion, Indigenization, Innovation Investment in Infrastructure International Cooperation.
  • India has recently joined the AI ​​race and it is just beginning at the research level. India is focusing on the possibility of artificial intelligence because India has to become the economic power of the world.
  • When India became independent after independence, India did not have full resources so that it could emerge as an economic power, but over time India has developed itself. Today, a new technology has emerged in front of India in the form of AI. If India masters this technique then  India has a chance to become a better economy in the world. India is a young country in which there is no shortage of talent, so a better technology hub India can be made by connecting the talent of the young country with AI.

There is a lot of possibilities to invest in AI in India if the government, industrial and educational sectors work together. India has recently made 4G Internet available to almost all the people of the country, this is a big success for India. This step of India was the first step of Digital India. The government is trying to create an environment for people to gradually adopt new technology, for which people will have to train from school level to business level.

Challenges of Adopting AI in India

India has gone ahead with the dream of AI but India has many internal challenges. The Government of India, Corporate and Educational sector will have to work together to face new challenges for AI Adoption. With the arrival of AI, there are many such jobs which will directly affect them. When AI machines start doing human work, then the need of employees will be reduced. Currently, the working class in India is not Aware to adopt new technology, hence it is not able to OPERATE AI. Because of lack of Awareness towards AI, even small businesses cannot adapt it immediately, so it is difficult to change the economy immediately. The government will have to take many new steps to teach people skills and focus on awareness. In order to conduct AI well in India, an action plan will have to be made and a large infrastructure will have to be developed.

India has recently drafted its new education policy, which was designed keeping future technology in mind. For future generation, there will be a curriculum in education that will make students eligible according to the time. India has to create its own indigenous infrastructure so that a favorable environment for AI can be created. India will have to face all these challenges as soon as possible because if India takes action slowly, then India will be left behind in this technology from other countries of the world

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