Shortcuts in Windows 8 that will make your daily tasks much easier.

window8 shortcut tips

Windows 8 has many features and is loaded with many functions. Its taste is completely different from the old OS. Today we will see some shortcuts for our daily use of Windows 8 here. Here, except for the part of the touch screen, only the board and the shortcut list used by the mouse are listed.

Windows + Other key combination:

Windows key – working in any application, go directly to the Start window.
Windows + D – to go directly to the desktop while you are in the Start window.
Windows + E – To open My Computer window

Windows + M – Minimize all open windows simultaneously
Windows + Q – To open Search menu
Windows + R – To start the Run command in Windows.
Windows +. – To snap the window to the right or left.

Windows +, – that the sub window will become transparent as long as you press and hold.
Windows + X – Quick access menu to open.
Windows + I – Control Panel setting to open.

 Working in Start Windows:

Mouse wheel – scroll the mouse wheel to navigate in the start windows application

Ctrl + Mouse Wheel – If you have installed a lot of applications and you are taking a lot of time to scroll and find them, then you can zoom in and zoom out with Ctrl + Mouse wheel.

Organize our Start Windows:

If you have installed many applications, and you have to put them in categories –

Take the route below –

1. First drag the tiles to the right side
2. Zoom out Windows by scrolling Windows + Mouse
3. If you right click on this group, then you will see an option for the name of the group in the bottom right direction. on this group, You will see the place where u can enter name by typing.

Refresh PC without losing everything.

If you feel that there is some problem in your system, then you do not have to worry about installing again.
Now you can refresh your system of Windows 8 without losing your data.


Go to Setting or press Windows key + I.
Choose Change PC Setting Option.
Select General Tab.
Go to Refresh your PC without affecting your files and refresh by clicking on Get started button.
After some time your system will restart and you will get fresh windows 8.

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