Sri Lanka got new Chinese Warship

The inauguration ceremony of the Frigate P-625, which is named Parakramabahu, gifted by China by the Sri Lanka Navy at the Colombo port on Thursday.
Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena, Naval Ranger, Vice-Admiral Piyal De Silva, Ambassador to China Cheng Xiyuan, Chinese Senior Embassy Defense Colonel Xu Xianwei and senior Sri Lankan military officials are some of the main people attending the ceremony.
Sri Lankan President Sirisena handed over the commission warrant to the frigate’s captain and he also took stock of the frigate. After this help from China, President Sirisena thanked the Chinese government.
The Sri Lankan President stated that this frigate would be beneficial for maritime zones security and to meet naval objectives.

P-625 contribute to Sri Lankan maritime security

This Sri Lankan frigate is named after a great king Parakramabahu. This frigate is 112 meters long and 12.4 meters wide, weighs 2,300 tons and is held by 110 officers and sailors.
This frigate will be connected to Eastern Naval Command of Sri Lanka Navy located at Trincomalee in Eastern Shree. The ship will be used as a patrol vessel for deep sea patrol and surveillance missions around the island, providing assistance for Sri’s maritime security and search and rescue operations.
This frigate was handed over to the Sri Lankan Navy in Shanghai in June and reached Como on 8 July.

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