Sunny Leone on top in Google search. Left many big personalities behind

The sexiest Bollywood actress of the industry, Sunny Leone, is often on social media. Sunny has worked hard to change his old image. Sunny did not do any work in making a distinct identity in the Bollywood industry. Due to the intimate scenes and item numbers in the industry, they have got a different place. Perhaps this is why their fans often search for them on Google. Sunny Leone, who has topped the Google search, is one of the top searching celebrities on social media these days. This year too, Sunny has topped the list of the most searched celebrities in Google search in India by the first week of August, leaving behind Prime Minister Narendra Modi, superstars Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan.

Sunny Leone
Sunny Leone (Pic:

According to Google search trends analytics, most of the searches related to Sunny are in relation to her videos, besides people have also found her biopic series ‘Karanjit Kaur: The Untold Story of Sunny Leone’. Apart from this, most of the search trends related to Sunny show that they were searched in most northeastern states like Manipur and Assam.

Sunnny Leone Google top rank
Sunny Leone (Pic:

Reacting to the top position, Sunny said, ‘My team gave me this information and I would like to give my best to my fans, who have always stood up for me. It is a great feeling. ”Last year too, Sunny was at the first place in this list of most searched celebrities in India.

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