Tesla starts delivery of Model 3 cars from china

Model 3 tesla delivery in china

The famous Tesla company is now going to start the delivery of cars made in China. This move by Tesla will greatly benefit the company. Tesla wants to expand its market all over the world, due to which Tesla will be able to expand in the auto industry and electronic vehicle market.

Tesla Gigafactory 2 Plant in China
Tesla Gigafactory 2 Plant in China (Pic: Electrek.co)

The first 15 units of the Model 3 sedan at Tesla’s Shanghai plant will be delivered to the company’s employees on 30 Dec. Tesla owner Elon Musk is strategizing for his plant in China and wants to make the Tesla company in the world’s largest market in the auto industry and electric vehicle sector.

Tesla had set up its plant in China in a very short time from the beginning of the year, after which the car manufacturing unit has worked very fast there. But still, there are many big challenges before Tesla.

Tesla Model 3 car Show model
Tesla Model 3 car Show model (Pic: CNBC.Com)

Investors who invest in Tesla are also keeping an eye on Tesla’s ups and downs. Investments made by investors will also be crucial to Tesla’s growth. Apart from this, Tesla will also have to compete with the current auto giant company Mercedes-Benz and Audi, which is the first choice of the people. Alan Mask has predicted the future of his plant in Shanghai, which will manufacture 1000 cars per week.

Model 3 cars built at the Tesla plant have been exempted from tax in China by 10%. The average price of these cars is approximately $ 50000, but the rebate given by China has given a subsidy of $ 3600 per car.

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Featured Image: Tesa Model 3 Car Wallpaper (Pic:Tesla.com)

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