Why America and Pakistan suddenly come closer!

Various things are being said about the changes in relations between the US and Pakistan. Everyone has their own theory about it. But, some questions are very special among all these things. The first question is, what is the most important thing or the key reason behind this change? There is a question as to whether India is also one of the reasons behind this change or the ambition of US President Trump is making them compelled for it. It is extremely important to find answers to all these questions. To answer these questions, it is important to consider some things also.

Trump gave the invitation to Imran Khan

Let us know that on July 22, 2019, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan and US President Donald Trump met for the first time. It was not a sudden meeting, but instead went to America on the invitation of Imran Trump. The meeting of these two leaders was special in many ways. During this visit, US President Donald Trump had made a controversial statement on Kashmir, for which the American MPs also expressed open dissatisfaction. Apart from this, India also immediately broke their statement.

The differences between Pakistan and America

It is worth mentioning that since 2016 Pakistan has been on the target of the US President. During his tenure President Mahinda Mukherjee has criticized Pakistan for saying that he is helping the terrorists. Not only that, he also mis-told the financial assistance given by former US presidents to Pakistan in the name of the elimination of terrorists. In this regard, one of his tweets, made in 2018, is very special. In that he had said that the former US governments gave Pakistan $ 33 billion in the past 15 years, even then America did not get anything and they lied to us are. This is also very special because after coming to power, Trump stopped the financial aid of $ 1.3 billion given to Pakistan in 2018. After this, sending an invitation to Trump to invite Imran Khan is a surprise to everyone.

Tramp’s look at the US election

Let us tell you that in the 2020 the presidential election is to be held in the US. On the other hand, the impeachment sword over President Trump hangs. If impeachment was done against him, his childhood childhood is a lot harder. That’s because the lower house’s equation does not appear in favor of the trump. One aspect of this is that America now wants to get out of Afghanistan. It should not be forgotten here also that Trump had increased his army in Afghanistan after coming to power. In the presidential election, the successful return of forces from Afghanistan to Trump could be a deal of profit. At the same time, experts believe that the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan is not possible unless peace is restored there. For this, talks between the US-Afghanistan-Taliban are going on. In this dialogue some other leaders along with the former President of Afghanistan are also included. Pakistan’s role in this dialogue is very important. There is no representation of present government of Afghanistan. At the same time, the Taliban has refused to negotiate directly with the Afghan government.

Pakistan is always involved in US policy

According to experts, Pakistan has a lot of importance on the issue of Afghanistan. This is also because the need for US forces in Afghanistan is fulfilled only through Pakistan. At the same time, Pakistan can be the only way to return the US military. In such a case, if Pakistan tries to stop these paths, then there will not be enough for them to lose, but here the loss of America will be more. It is also necessary that Pakistan should be stopped from doing so. Apart from this, presence in Pakistan’s dialogue is also very special because the Taliban is still present on its border with Afghanistan. Pakistan has already been providing them the things they need. In order to get out of Afghanistan, it is important for the US to keep the Taliban in peace. This work can be done by Pakistan for him.

Pakistan is essential for trump

Apart from this, if the US goes suddenly out of Afghanistan then it will be surrounded by questions. To avoid this, he wants to hand over Afghanistan to the other hand. This could be the coalition government of the Taliban and Afghanistan. If America succeeds in it, then Trump can roam it successfully in its election. So Trump needs Pakistan to win his election more.

America is working on three front

Together with Pakistan and successfully returning to the US from Afghanistan, both can work to shock Russia. The mention of Russia is also here because Russia’s influence only appears in many countries of Asia. Both of these countries are also one of the biggest opponents of each other. In this view it is not wrong to say that through Pakistan, Trump is busy trying to find three fronts together. These are the first presidential elections and the second US Army’s successful return from Afghanistan. The third front is Russia.

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