Ukraine plane shot down “Unintentionally” by Iran

Ukraine plane shot down by iran

APTOPIX Iran Plane Crash

In the ongoing tense situation between Iran and America, a very big news is coming out related to the Ukraine plane crash. Iran’s military has confessed that they had mistakenly targeted Ukraine’s aircraft.

A total of 176 passengers were killed along with all crew members aboard the plane in this accident. After the plane crash, Iran had reported it with technical fault but now Iran has The confession is that Ukraine’s plane was targeted due to human error.

Iran said that this accident happened unintentionally. US President Donald Trump also said after the plane crash that Iran has attacked the aircraft with a missile. Iran has apologized to the suffering families.

Ukraine plane shot down (Video: Global News)

Some videos related to the missile attack on the aircraft are also coming out. Airliner PS752 aircraft was flying from Tehran Airport on the 8th, shortly after which news of the plane crash started coming in the media.

The most difficult situation for Iran is how Iran will protect itself from this incident because the plane had civilians from different countries, including passengers from Iran itself, but if this thing goes to the International Court, how will Iran prove that How did this big mistake happen to him?

Web Title: Ukraine plane shot down “Unintentionally” by Iran

Featured Image: Rescue teams recover the bodies after the aerial tragedy in Tehran (Pic: VOA)

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