The US’s airstrike on Baghdad is International Terrorism – Iranian Foreign Minister Javed Zarif

Iranian Foreign Minister Javed Zarif on us airstrike


On the morning of 3 January 2020, the US Air Force carried out an airstrike at Baghdad Airport, it was made clear from Washington that Iran’s General Commander Qasim Suleimani was killed in this airstrike.
The situation has become tense due to this ongoing confrontation between Iran and America.

After the airstrike on Baghdad, Iran has said that it is dangerous for America to kill the commander of Iran’s elite Quad Force. With this, Iran has also called it a childish act. Iran’s Foreign Minister Javed Zarif said this after Pentangan’s tweet confirming the death of General Qassem Soleimani on behalf of Pentagon. He said that Washington itself would be responsible for further results. US President Donald Trump has accepted the talk of airstrike on Baghdad.


US's airstrike on Baghdad
US’s airstrike on Baghdad (Pic:Abc News)

Qasim Sulemani said that this way of killing General Soleman by the US and fighting with organizations like Al Nusrah, Al Queda is very dangerous and foolish. This is a kind of international terrorism. Iran described this airstrike as a provider of war.

Abu-Mahadi Al-Muhandis, who was the commander of the Mobilization Force, also died in the American Airstrike. Many big military officers of Iran-Iraq were also killed in this American operation.

Let us know that in 2018 when the US President warned the President of Iran that he should stop bullying America. The Iranian President did not answer this, but Iran’s top commander, General Qasim Suleimani, gave the answer that responding to the talk of the American President does not suit the Iranian President. That is why Sulemani said that as a soldier, he is responding to the American President. General Sulaimani has been quite popular both in Iran and outside Iran.

The situation between the US and Iran has been tense since last week as the US Embassy in Baghdad was attacked by Iran-backed forces on 31 December. US President Donald Trump warned to bear the brunt of this attack. On the morning of January 3, after warning, the US made an airstrike at Baghdad Airport and many Iran-Iraqi military officers were killed in this attack.

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