US Army is not going back from Iraq- General Mark Asper

US Army is not going back from Iraq- General Mark Asper

General Mark Asper, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of America, spoke at a media press conference about the deployment of the US military in Iraq. After Sulaimani’s death, the US Army is on alert and ready for its protection. Iran’s attitude after the Journal was killed is aggressive due to which the US is securing its military bases in Iraq and Syria. Trump’s foreign policy is also under question after the US invasion of Iran.

Mark said that Iraq’s parliament had requested that America withdraw its forces from there. But the US is not considering it at the moment, it has made it clear that its forces will not go back from Iraq. America has also said that we respect Iraq’s request but at an appropriate time we will give information on the withdrawal of our army.

Significantly, the US military recently said in a letter to Iraqi officials that US troops would relocate “for further preparations”. US Defense Minister Mark Asper says that no decision has been taken regarding the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq and that the letter has come out wrongly, which makes no sense.

The US believes that killing Iran’s Journal Suleimani is a good step to stop the revival of Islamic State and other militant organizations. This military action would hurt these organizations, the US knew.

General Mark said that the US knew that if it takes action against terrorist groups, it will definitely have an impact in the Middle East. But America had to take this action for its own interests.

He said that the US had withdrawn its troops from Iraq since 2011, where the Islamic State became stronger. This organization was at its peak in 2014–15, which took over many areas of Iraq. This terrorist organization took many Americans and others for their brutality.

America has consistently fought against this organization in Iraq, in which it has achieved much success but still many fighters associated with it are scattered in different parts which are a big danger. In the direction of stop the activities related to ISIS, it was likely that the Iraqi Journal Sulaimani would also be killed in it.

The United States says that this ongoing struggle against IS with the Iraqi Army has now come to an end. And the attention of American soldiers has become more focused on securing their embassies.

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Featured Image: US General Mark Asper (Pic: CNA)

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