Smart Extension Board by Smartphone or Alexa

NISHICA's Smart power Extension board

NISHICA’s Smart power Extension strip is a very useful electronic item that can be operated very easily. It is not a simple extension board that is commonly used. This is a smart extension board that can be useful to you at any time.

If you are sitting anywhere in your house, you will not have to get up again to operate it.
This smart extension board can be used from smartphones as well as it can be given command by Google’s Alexa. It can be connected through a Wi-Fi network.

NISHICA's Smart power Extension board withWiFi
NISHICA’s Smart power Extension board withWiFi (

This is a fully portable device that you can use even while traveling.
To operate this smart device, you can download the Smart Life app from Google Play Store. The Smart Life app supports both Android and iOS. Once you configure this device with a Smartphone, you can also operate a smart power strip sitting in one place.

Its feature is quite good, it is available with 4 Universal power plugs.
2 USB ports are provided. You can also operate this product by giving direct commands from Google’s Alexa. LED lights are also provided in this smart device, which provides information on/off of the socket.
The price of this device is Rs 2178 on Amazon, with a guarantee of up to one year.

Now know what is the specialty of this product

● 4 Universal power plugs of 220/240 volts & 10 A output
● USB smart port 5V & 2.5A
● Power overload protection
● Connect via wifi network
● Versatile protection on all outlets
● Radio-frequency 2.4 GHz
● Compatible Android / IOS
● Work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
● 13.19×2.56 x 1.57 inch

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