What to do when the salary does not increase

Asking for the salary raise

All employees wait for their salary to increase. Because they have to determine their budget. At such a time, the expectations of employees increase greatly from the company.
In such a situation, the employees think that if they do not change the job, then they will have to work on this salary throughout the year. And when the expectations are so high and they are not fulfilled, then the employee gets upset.
Due to which many times the decision taken in anger becomes wrong.
Understanding these problems, today we are telling you what kind of problems you may have with a salary in the office.

Boss & Employee
Boss & Employee (Pic: Toggl.com)

If your appraisal is reduced

If your appraisal has decreased and the salary of other members of your team has increased, then make sure to reach out to your boss. Also, try to know why your salary has increased by so little. If your boss has already told you the grade given to you, then you should keep the expectation according to the grade. But if you do not know the grade, then also try to know what grade you were given during the appraisal meeting.

Wait for the boss reply

When you ask your boss about the appraisal and he asks you to wait. Or if the boss is unable to give a clear answer, then definitely wait for some time. But after a few days, try to know the answer from them again and try to remind them where they have forgotten.
Many times it happens that the boss has to keep in mind that who was given the appraisal in the last time, so try to remind them all these things because it is the job of the boss to manage these tasks.

Focus on mistakes

If the boss tells you about your mistakes and his words are correct, then accept him with an open mind. And also tell us that you will not make this kind of mistake again. After this, you will be fully engaged in the preparations for further work.

Try to compete

If your team members are more qualified than you or they work more than you, then you must pay attention. Take more and more responsibility for this. Take care of the deadline. Give priority to every work. Also, accept team competition. Never do leg-pulling, it spoils your image.

Hard work, demand

If you are hardworking, then your boss cannot ignore it for more days. Hard work asks everywhere. If you work more and more and take more responsibility from here onwards, you can also get a lot in the next appraisal.

Company’s profit

Keep in mind the profit of the company in how much appraisal has happened. If the company is not in profit then its profit has not increased much. In such a situation you may get less appraisal as well as you have to be satisfied with it.

Office Staff
Office Staff (Pic: Twitter.com)

When the appraisal decreases continuously

A situation can also happen when you are constantly working hard and also taking more responsibility. But even after telling the boss about this, your better appraisal has not happened. In such a situation, you can think about changing jobs.
Before taking a new job, make sure that the condition of the company you are going to join is not worse than before.

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