You Will forget PUBG After Playing Call Of Duty Mobile

After the mobile game PUBG, now the new game of Call of Duty Mobile has come on Android and iOS. Prior to the launch of this game, pre-registration of this game was going on the Play Store, after which the game has been launched in October. The game has received good response from the users as soon as the game is launched on the Play Store. Activision in one of its tweets congratulated the users and said that within three days of launch, 35 million iOS and Android users have downloaded this game. Apart from this, this game is ranking top on iOS App Store in 100 countries. Activision has created this game in association with Tencent Tiami Studios.

Call Of Duty Jump Mobile
Call Of Duty Jump Mobile (Pic: Business Insider)

Earlier, Game PUBG, developed by Tencent Tiami Studios, has also met the expectations of the users. PUBG also added about 35 million users within 3 days of its initial launch. But now after the activation of Call of Duty Mobile, it is possible that you might forget PUBG as Call of Duty gives users the option of a multiplayer game. If you talk about it then it is an open world game in which you have to survive till the end in the given map but Call of Duty is a military game which gives you a better military and shooting experience, so those who like military games The number is also high.

In Call of Duty game you are currently getting multiplayer mode and all-new Battle Royal mode with classic map. In a multi-player game, you have to kill 50 members of the opposing team first, in addition to the classic map you have to survive just like a PUBG.

Call of Duty Mobile Gameplay 2019
Call of Duty Mobile Gameplay (Pic:

Call of Duty is not a new game, it is a great game played on PC and Play Station. Call of Duty brought its first game, World War 2, in 2003, which was a war game that included weapons and fighter planes used in World War 2 in this game. At that time also people liked this game very much, after which this game started coming in many series in the market. In these series, World War, Modern War Fair Series, Infinity Warfare, Black Ops, Call of Duty Ghost are the main ones.

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