Youngest PM Sanna Marin decisions, only 4 working days in a week

Youngest PM Sanna Marin decisions , only four working days in a week

The Prime Minister Sanna Marin of Finland has announced that now there will be only four days of working day in a week. The employee is always busy in their work, so this is the next step of her government to improve working life.

Sanna Marin became the youngest Prime Minister of Finland in the world. Marin believes that people are not able to give any time to their family at all in working life, due to which the distance is increasing in their mutual relations. The PM believes that people should spend time with their family, loved ones and should be allowed to live their hobbies and their culture.

Marin believes that giving less work to people can benefit a lot. This experiment was seen in Japan last year. In which some employees of Microsoft in Japan were given 3 days off every week for a month. After this method, the productivity of Microsoft employees increased by 40%.

This is the thinking behind the decision of the Prime Minister of Finland to take this decision. She believes that this reduces the workload on employees and also improves their work. There are many other countries in the world where new experiments are being done for working culture.

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